3 Things Every Reiki Practitioner Should do After Attunement

The top three things every new Reiki healer shoul get started with.

Advancing to the next step in your Reiki journey is very exciting!  Congratulations!
Each level of attunement brings you closer to who you truly are and your true purpose on this planet.

Each level of attunement is a transition.  Your energy is shifting to a higher vibration.  It helps to understand that with each one of these vibrational shifts you likely will feel differently. In addition to the three steps I offer below making sure to take yourself care very seriously is very important in the initial weeks after your Reiki Attunement.

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1. Perform Self Reiki Daily

With each new level of training you have shifted your energy with powerful intention. The best way to maintain this heightened energy is by practicing Reiki daily.

“I don’t have time to do this.”

Naturally it’s easy to think you don’t have time to spend several minutes a day treating yourself.

Yes you do.  A full session is best, but even 3 minutes if mental/emotional healing will suffice.

Start Using Reiki  in Every Area of Your Life

In addition to performing a daily practice on yourself, you should try to use Reiki in all kinds of ways within your life. It’s fun to use Reiki at work, at home, while traveling, and before difficult meetings.

Check out the blog post 3 Ways to use Reiki in everyday life.

Share Reiki

Once you are feeling comfortable in your personal ReikiĀ  Practice, start sharing!
There are so many ways you can reach out to others and educate them on this healing modality. It is a fun way to connect with people and has definitely brought a bit of joy into my life by letting people know all of the benefits of Reiki.
There are so many ways of sharing from social media, to in-person conversations, to talks online or in person.
Most importantly, Reiki healers are not common. It is very likely you will be the only person in your social circle that is a Reiki practitioner. It’s so cool to become a resource for this.

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