6 Things You Should NOT do after your Reiki Attunement

Congratulations Reiki Healer!

What an exciting time in your life! You are now a Reiki Healer! There’s so much to do.

But wait, let’s take a breath, before you rush of to change the world, let’s protect your energy.

I can remember how empowered I felt after my first Reiki Attunement. I would like to share with you some of my insight about how to protect your precious energy so that you can heal yourself and other more effectively.

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It is so easy after learning The Healing Art of reiki to want to jump in full fledged into practicing on others right away.

When I first learned Reiki, I did not intend to start treating others. I soon found myself doing sessions in my home. It was not very long before I realized that without setting some boundaries, I would be treating others and possibly overextending myself, possibly draining my own energy.

As you know from your training, Reiki does not deplete your own personal energy. However, offering Reiki sessions before you’re ready will!

Many people seek Reiki during difficult times in in life. They are likely experiencing loss, trauma, grief, or illness. Similar to the practice of medicine, people will seek Reiki when they want help and healing.

You are definitely vital in helping others heal, but my wish for you is to be ready and learn how to set appropriate boundaries.

1. Do Not Start Offering Sessions Before You Have Selected a Space

Do you know where you want to start taking clients?. For many people the easiest place to offer Reiki is in the home. If you feel you have adequate space where you can set plenty of boundaries and prevent distractions this is a great idea. However, I’d like you to keep in mind that the Pandemic of 2020 has changed everything. If you’re opening your home to clients, you need to consider keeping yourself and your family safe. Will you have a way to screen for someone that could be ill? Will you have clients wear masks? How do you plan to perform hand sanitation?

Another option is to consider renting a space from a friend who may already be in practice. I know some Reiki practitioners who jumped right into this option. This is great but keep in mind once you rent, you’ve now created automatic overhead. This will mean that you will need to get clients right away to pay for your rental space. The benefit with this is that you’ll have a place away from your home and it’ll be much easier to set boundaries. However you will now have the pressure of paying rent, and possibly contributing financially to a business that is not yours.

I believe one of the easiest and most overlooked ways to start your Reiki practice is online.

Healing beyond space and time

Healing Beyond Time and Space

Distance Reiki is powerful, read this blog post about how Distance Reiki unleashes the real power to heal without limits.

Reiki is not limited to time and space. I think a new Reiki practitioner should take full advantage of distance. You can keep yourself and your clients safe, you can set appropriate boundaries, and you can also offer sessions and unlimited fashion.

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2. Do Not Offer Reiki to Everyone You Know

I encourage new Reiki practitioners to share their new passion and let everyone know what they’ve just completed. It is an amazing accomplishment and you should definitely be proud! 

I learned very quickly in my Reiki journey that not everyone is prepared to learn about this healing art. Matter of fact, for many individuals, learning that you’ve taken this brave step to heal yourself and others May trigger their own wounds. Some of my closest friends did not like hearing about Reiki when I first learned it.

It is important to share what it is that you’ve learned. I think doing this carefully can help not only to educate others but grow your practice. My advice is tell people what you’ve done, offer to educate them on what Reiki is, but don’t necessarily offer a treatment unless someone asks specifically. Reiki is not well known among the public. Healing modalities such as acupuncture, tai chi, and meditation are more commonly known. Be a source of education. Those that are needing you will show up with very little effort. No need to drum up business with strong advertising.

3. Do Not Offer Free Reiki Sessions

If you’re using universal energy to heal others, from an unlimited source that never ends why in the world would you charge?

The reason you want to charge is because it is not just channeling energy that you’re providing. You are providing your time and creating a healing experience. You need to exchange energy in order to keep from draining yourself. Taking payments assures you are respecting your energy, and that your client will get the best results. You can consider bartering services such as a Reiki session for a pre-cooked meal, or a ride to the airport.

This is the toughest lesson for new Reiki healers to learn. I was fortunate in that my first clients wanted to pay me right away. I know of many Reiki healers who started working for free and have significant trouble learning to charge for their services. If this is you, spend some time healing your solar plexus chakra. Learning your own motivations and self-worth will make you a more powerful healer.

4. Do Not Try to Convince Naysayers that Reiki Works

Lightworker, you know your path has been chosen. You’re on your mission and you’re ready to change the world. As you step into your own light, you will feel stronger than ever and ready to tell everyone that they can heal themselves or you can heal them.

Your positive energy will attract many, but it will also repel many.

This is a test. Consider this one of your first challenges is a New LightWorker.

As a practicing physician, my personal networks consist of many physicians. I have had many of my physician friends tell me that they don’t like that I practice Reiki. I’ve had many of them laugh in my face that I believe that I could heal others with just energy.

My response to this is nothing. I listen, I offer to answer questions, I assure them that there is no harm in being a reiki  practicing physician.

I have been surprised that many of my biggest naysayers would later ask me for a Reiki session. I am so happy that I never chose to argue, because the door remained open to offer true healing and it was truly a blessing to me personally.

5. Do Not Assume That Your Journey is Done

It is so easy to assume that your journey as a student is done. Especially if you’ve completed Reiki to a Reiki master.


There is a universe of new skills and training for you to learn. After you’ve completed your Reiki training, consider this is a very strong base for the next steps.

Reading about your craft not only keeps  you engaged, but enhances your skill as a Reiki Healer.

Need some reading inspiration?

Check out the Reading List at Healing Arts!

6. Do Not Stop Your Own Reiki Sessions

Need support for your Daily Reiki Practice?

Check out the 9 Minute Reiki Session in which you Plug and Play for a quick Reiki Tune up.

Being a channel of healing energy is a blessing, but you require  maintenance of your mind, body and spirit. This means that you must devote time to your own healing. You should also consider getting Reiki sessions for yourself.

I forgot this lesson myself recently. I received a Reiki session from a dear friend. I was so surprised and how much negative energy I had to release, and I perform Reiki on myself daily.

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