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Are you dealing with chronic health issues and feel like you don’t get enough answers? Do you leave your doctor’s office with more questions than answers? Do you feel like your body is trying to tell you something but you don’t know how to listen? Healing is complex. Illness is complex. Modern science has trained us to see the mind, body and spirit as three different entities. We discuss treat our symptoms as if they have nothing to do with our mind and spirits.

I am a board certified Internal Medicine Physician and Reiki Master. My training and life experience has led me to create Healing Arts Health and wellness, and online space for you to come and explore the connections between the mind, the body and the spirit.

You can listen to the Art of Healing Podcast for weekly episodes. Online articles are available weekly as well on the blog.

Hormones Series Part 3: Hormones of the Higher Chakras The Art of Healing

The final installment of the series, “Hormones” is here.  We will travel the energy body again, now starting with the glands of the Heart Chakra, Throat Chakra, Third Eye and Crown Chakra.This podcast is packed with information! Need a reference of all the hormones we discussed?Download my “Hormones Cheat Sheet” Now!The Hormones we cover are: Thymosin (Produced in the Thymus, learn more about the Thymus Gland in this Podcast)BNPT4 ThyroxineT3 -TriiodothyroninePTH-Parathyroid HormoneProlactinTSH -Thyroid Stimulating HormoneLH-Luteinizing HormoneFSH-Follicle Stimulating HormoneGH-Growth HormoneACTH-Adrenocorticotropin HormoneDopamineOxytocinMelatoninDon't forget you can get a list of all the hormones we discussed with the "Hormones Cheat Sheet" Here.Welcome to the Art of Healing Podcast.Let's explore your mind, body and spirit through Integrative Medicine, Meditation and Reiki.Don't miss the latest episodes.  Sign up to get the weekly newsletters and get the Art of Healing Podcast in your inbox:Healing Arts Weekly Newsletter Thank you for listening to the Art of Healing Podcast.Ready to start your journey into Meditation, Mindfulness or Reiki?Learn about the Programs at Healing Arts here.Want to make sure you catch every episode of the Art of Healing? Click here for my weekly newsletter.
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3 Supplements to Help You Survive Spring Allergies

The recommendations in this post link to my Fullscripts Dispensary; See my disclaimer on informational vs medical advice information. I may receive reimbursement for any purchases made through the links in this post. My Spring Allergy Protocol Spring is my favorite time of the year.  I love the longer days, getting outside more, and watching … Continue reading 3 Supplements to Help You Survive Spring Allergies

5 Facts to Know About Fatty Liver Disease

This blog post contains affiliate links. These are affiliates hand-picked by me as I feel that they are very helpful, and I may receive a small reimbursement if you purchase that help support my website. Please see my full website disclaimer here. Fatty Liver, Common, Under-diagnosed, and a treatable disease. Many of my patients come … Continue reading 5 Facts to Know About Fatty Liver Disease

The Labs to Know to Heal Inflammation and Decrease COVID Risk

The COVID Pandemic is not giving us a break. Despite massive vaccination efforts, the disease continues to spread due to genetic variation. Beyond vaccination status, a strong, efficient immune system protects you from COVID and chronic disease. This requires a healthy metabolism. Do you know what Diabetes, Hypertension, COPD, Coronary artery disease all have in … Continue reading The Labs to Know to Heal Inflammation and Decrease COVID Risk

Happy New Year!

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Nourish to Flourish Episode 2

Nourish Your Body Intuitively Check out the latest Healing Arts Video! Join my and Lisa Airhart for out latest video! Learn the difference between Eating Mindfully vs Eating Mindlessly. We also discuss how your cravings can be used to intuitively provide what your body is needing. Her background as a busy teacher who undertook her own … Continue reading Nourish to Flourish Episode 2

Nourish to Flourish

I am so happy to share a video I recently created with my friend, Lisa Airhart. We discuss Mindfully approaching your food to achieve your health and wellness goals. Check out the video here! Healing Arts will soon be offering Lifestyle Medicine! Sign up to be notified about the 7 Pillars of Health Program!