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Healing is complex. Getting to a place of optimal health and wellness takes more than just a prescription. As a practicing physician, I have used Reiki and other healing modalities on myself for years. My website is the space I have created to share ways you can delve deeper into ways to heal yourself.

I am providing information on Reiki, mindfulness, and integration of Eastern and Western Healing modalities.

About Me

I am a practicing physician in Internal medicine with over 13 years of experience. I am also a Reiki Master. Having done both for many years, I feel its important to look beyond just a prescription to feel better.

Understanding your mind and body is necessary, but it takes time. Please hang out at my site and learn cool stuff like how your chakra blocks cause insomnia, best ways to get started with meditation, and podcasts on my perspective as a Reiki Practicing Physicians

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