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What Is Digestion?

Could decoding the mysteries of digestion transform your health? We’re about to journey through the intricate world of our digestive system, and you’re invited! We’ll discuss everything from the central nervous system’s role in digestion to the way our sight and smell of food influence our appetite. We’re slowing things down, enabling you to understand…

Exploring the Healing Art of Aromatherapy with Certified Clinical Aromatherapist Amy Anthony

In the latest episode of our podcast, we were delighted to have Amy Anthony, a certified clinical aromatherapist, as our guest. Known as New York City’s top aromatherapist, Amy has extensive knowledge and experience in the field of aromatherapy and essential oils. The episode provided a wealth of information on selecting authentic essential oils and…

Dr. Charlyce

Welcome to the world of holistic healing and self-discovery guided by Dr. Charlyce, a seasoned Internal Medicine Physician, Reiki Master, and dedicated Meditation practitioner. With nearly two decades of medical experience, Dr. Charlyce is a compassionate healer who is committed to unlocking the transformative power of Integrative medicine, Meditation, and Reiki in your life. As a writer, insightful blogger, and engaging podcaster, she shares her profound wisdom and practical insights to help you embark on a profound journey of self-healing. Dr. Charlyce’s nurturing guidance empowers you to explore the depths of your inner being, nurturing both your physical and spiritual well-being. Discover the tools you need for your personal healing voyage, and embark on a path of transformation and wellness under her expert care.