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Are you dealing with chronic health issues and feel like you don’t get enough answers? Do you leave your doctor’s office with more questions than answers? Do you feel like your body is trying to tell you something but you don’t know how to listen? Healing is complex. Illness is complex. Modern science has trained us to see the mind, body and spirit as three different entities. We discuss treat our symptoms as if they have nothing to do with our mind and spirits.

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I am a board certified Internal Medicine Physician and Reiki Master. My training and life experience has led me to create Healing Arts Health and wellness, and online space for you to come and explore the connections between the mind, the body and the spirit.

You can listen to the Art of Healing Podcast for weekly episodes. Online articles are available weekly as well on the blog.

Mindfulness, Magic and Keeping it Real with Tudor Alexander The Art of Healing

Hello Listeners!This episode features a special guest, Tudor Alexander!Tudor Alexander is an author, coach and host of the weekly self-development podcast, The Dance of Life. He is a former professional competitive athlete with a background in dancing and movement, and has written books on Gratitude, biohacking and spiritual fulfillment. Tudor combines over 16 years of experience as an athlete and coach with his passion for personal growth for a unique approach to transformation. By integrating timeless principles of Alignment with research-based strategies, Tudor empowers people to create success naturally in three areas of their lives: mindset, business and health.What is mindfulness?  How do you do it?  Listen to find out.What does success and failure mean to you?  Are you failing enough?How do you find magic in every day life?www.danceoflife.com  to connect to Tudor to book a free discovery call.
  1. Mindfulness, Magic and Keeping it Real with Tudor Alexander
  2. Meditate With Me Podcast
  3. Challenges of Staying with Meditation Practice
  4. Finding Your Soul Path with Bri Hernandez
  5. The Limits of Reiki

Blog Posts

Using Your words to Heal Your Body

This post contains links to products for promotional purposes only Why what you say matters Credit:  https://www.masaru-emoto.net/en/crystal-2/ In his seminal work, The Hidden Messages in Water, Masura Emoto created a special technique to demonstrate the effects various words have on the formation of water crystals. The water was exposed to words by speaking to the … Continue reading Using Your words to Heal Your Body

4 Tips and Resources for How to add Reiki to a Clinical Practice

Considering adding Reiki to you clinic?  Read more below. If you are a Reiki healer, you may wonder if it’s feasible to add a healing modality such as Reiki to a clinic setting.  It is absolutely feasible and rewarding to offer Reiki in a clinical setting.  In this post, I will offer my experience and … Continue reading 4 Tips and Resources for How to add Reiki to a Clinical Practice

How Wounds from the Past lead to Illness in the Present

Adverse Childhood Events and Its’s relationship to illness as an adult Purpose of a Medical History In traditional medicine, the healing encounter starts with the recording of the medical history.  Since healthcare in the visits are problem focused, the history is directed towards the timing of the problem.  It is interesting in modern healthcare that … Continue reading How Wounds from the Past lead to Illness in the Present