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Are you dealing with chronic health issues and feel like you don’t get enough answers? Do you leave your doctor’s office with more questions than answers? Do you feel like your body is trying to tell you something but you don’t know how to listen? Healing is complex. Illness is complex. Modern science has trained us to see the mind, body and spirit as three different entities. We discuss treat our symptoms as if they have nothing to do with our mind and spirits.

I am a board certified Internal Medicine Physician and Reiki Master. My training and life experience has led me to create Healing Arts Health and wellness, and online space for you to come and explore the connections between the mind, the body and the spirit.

You can listen to the Art of Healing Podcast for weekly episodes. Online articles are available weekly as well on the blog.

Anxiety Part 2: Managing Anxiety The Art of Healing

Anxiety can be managed in a number of ways.  This podcast will cover the following:Management of Anxiety using:CBT, or Cognitive behavioral therapy is an important treatment option to manage anxiety and should always be considered.Medications:  There are a variety of medications that can be prescribed to treat anxiety.  I review what medications are used, and what medications we want to consider with caution.Meditation:  Meditation can help prevent anxiety as well as make living with anxiety much easier.  Here are some resources you can consider if you are new to meditation:Top Mental Health Benefits of MeditationThe 5 Best Meditation Techniques for BeginnersAromatherapy: Essential Oils are a pleasant addition to any self care regimen.  I recommend the  following:LavenderPeppermintFrankincensePatchouli
  1. Anxiety Part 2: Managing Anxiety
  2. Anxiety Part 1: Understanding and Experiencing Anxiety
  3. March 2021 Roundup and Vitamin D Safety
  4. Quick Energy Medicine Techniques
  5. Reiki as a Lifestyle of Resilience

Blog Posts

Anxiety-Finding Help, Living with Anxiety

In a recent article from the ACP internist March 2021 volume 41 number 3 an article by author Charlotte Huff states that “roughly 40% of adult women develop some type of anxiety disorder during their lifetime compared to 26.4% of men” which is a quotation taken from the international journal of methods and psychiatry research. … Continue reading Anxiety-Finding Help, Living with Anxiety

Yoga Therapy for Healing and Resilience Interview with Intuitive Healer Sara Alavi

I recently had the honor of speaking with Sara Alavi.  Sara has an incredible story, having overcomes Multiple Sclerosis and heart disease by pursuing her own personal healing journey of meditation, Yoga, Reiki, and many other healing modalities.  Sara created Yoga Home of Therapeutics, a yoga studio that has trained many Yoga Instructors, Reiki Healers … Continue reading Yoga Therapy for Healing and Resilience Interview with Intuitive Healer Sara Alavi

Developing Resilience with Reiki

Merriam-Webster defines resilience as ” the ability to recover from or just easily to misfortune or change”. I think it’s easy to say that after the wide sweeping changes created by the pandemic that all of us need to consider how we will further develop our resilience. In the podcast, Reiki as a Resilience Lifestyle  … Continue reading Developing Resilience with Reiki

How Reiki Heals

In this blog post I’ll attempt to describe how Reiki heals injury and illness. You may also like: Rest, Renew and Resilience What is Healing? I browsed my personal library to find a definition of healing. Healing is a process. It starts with an injury or an illness of some sort.  The injury or illness may … Continue reading How Reiki Heals