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Summer Solstice Episode The Art of Healing

Happy Summer Solstice!I love the Summer Solstice because its the longest day of the year with the most sunshine.This podcast will be the beginning of a back for the podcast but Art of Healing will be back in the fall.Make sure to sign up to be notified when new episodes are comingArt of Healing NewsletterDuring this break, check out my website Healing Arts Health and Wellness.Here are the resources available at Healing Arts:MeditationMeditation is a powerful healing technique you can start right away to heal your mind, body and spirit.  21 Day Meditation Journey This is a collection of short meditation practices that even the busiest of folks can get started with.The course 21 Day Meditation Challenge is open for enrollment.  These are the same practices as the book but are available on any device.My Ebook 9 Ways to Ground Your Energy is a free download you can pick up today ReikiIf you would like to learn about Reiki by ebook Reiki 101 is a good place to start.You can check out my online articles about Reiki at Healing Arts here.You can start your Reiki Training Today!Reiki I TrainingReiki II TrainingReiki Practitioners who have completed their training can download the guided Reiki meditation practice here:9 Minute Guided Reiki Practice for Mind, Heart and GutIndividuals wanting to work with me can work with me on Reiki, Functional Medicine, or both!You can connect with me here if you are interested:Work with MeWant updates on my book Heart of Being?  I can update you here.I have a weekly newsletter.  Although the podcast won't be going live for several weeks, the newsletter will be going out weekly.Healing Arts Weekly NewsletterWelcome to the Art of Healing Podcast.Let's explore your mind, body and spirit through Integrative Medicine, Meditation and Reiki.Don't miss the latest episodes.  Sign up to get the weekly newsletters and get the Art of Healing Podcast in your inbox:Healing Arts Weekly Newsletter Thank you for listening to the Art of Healing Podcast.Ready to start your journey into Meditation, Mindfulness or Reiki?Learn about the Programs at Healing Arts here.Want to make sure you catch every episode of the Art of Healing? Click here for my weekly newsletter.
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The Art of Healing Podcast is my weekly podcast covering Reiki, Medicine and the intersection of the two.

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