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Gut Health Part 1: What Is Digestion? The Art of Healing

Could decoding the mysteries of digestion transform your health? Let's explore the digestive process together during this process.   In the first of this series on digestive health, we'll discuss everything from the central nervous system's role in digestion to the way our sight and smell of food influence our appetite. We're slowing things down, enabling you to understand the complex process of digestion.  If you are dealing with digestive symptoms, you will benefit from this episode.  We explore the digestive process from beginning to end.  Eating, digestion and elimination are complex processes.  The first step to healing your gut health issues is to learn how the gut works. In this episode, we explore digestion in the following way:Why we eatHunger and appetiteChewing and swallowingTransfer of food into the stomachBreaking food down in the stomachAssimilation of Nutrients in the small intestinesReclaiming electrolytes and Elimination in the large intestinesWhat Happens at the molecular level to acquire energy from digestionThis talk is the conversation I would have with every one of my patients who are having gut health issues.  After listening to this episode, you will leave with an understanding of your digestive system.Remember, understanding your digestion could be the key to enhancing your overall health!Join me next week for Part 2, where we will explore the Digestive System and the Energy Body. Do you have questions or have a topic you'd like discussed in-depth?  Let me know!charlyce@healingartshealthandwellness.comWelcome to the Art of Healing Podcast.Let's explore your mind, body and spirit through Integrative Medicine, Meditation and Reiki.Don't miss the latest episodes.  Sign up to get the weekly newsletters and get the Art of Healing Podcast in your inbox:Healing Arts Weekly Newsletter Thank you for listening to the Art of Healing Podcast.Ready to start your journey into Meditation, Mindfulness or Reiki?Learn about the Programs at Healing Arts here.Want to make sure you catch every episode of the Art of Healing? Click here for my weekly newsletter.Never miss an episode of Art of Healing Podcast…the podcast devoted to helping you heal your mind, body and spirit.Sign up for my weekly newsletter, and never miss an episode along with other great content:Art of Healing PodcastStay in touch socially here:Healing Arts Link in BioLearn more about me and my offerings here:Healing Arts Health and Wellness
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