9 Minute Reiki Session for Mind, Heart and Gut



9 Minute Reiki Session for Mind, Heart and Gut

Buy the 9 Minute Reiki Session for Mind, Heart, and Gut for when you want a Reiki Session but don’t have the time to do a full session.

It is important to perform Reiki on yourself daily, particularly after your Reiki I Attunement.


During this Guided Reiki Session, my voice will serve as your guidepost, allowing you to fully relax into the session.

No need for any timers!

I have you covered.  Simply download, plug in and play.  Rest in the assurance that you will deliver Reiki to yourself powerfully and in a timely manner.

Who is this for?

Newly attuned Reiki Practitioners, or experienced Reiki Practitioners need support in performing daily Reiki.  This Guided Session can assist in making sure you’ve had at least one session a day.

What if I’m not a Reiki Practitioner?

You can use this as a Guided Meditation.  You can still feel the benefits of using your hands in a short healing session.

Ready to start your Reiki Journey?

Sign up today!  Learn this powerful healing technique from the comfort of your home, on any device.

Download Your Reiki for Mind, Heart, and Gut Today!


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