Guided Reiki Session


Guided Reiki Session

This Guided Reiki Session will assist you in your daily Reiki practice.

You will have voice guidance every 3 minutes along with prompts for hand positions set to relaxing music provided by  Indie Box Music.

Daily Reiki on yourself has so many benefits, but it can be cumbersome to set up your timer, finding music to relax and unwind, or staying focused during your Reiki session.

This Guided Reiki Session will help you relax, enjoy performing your Reiki session without having to locate a timer or use an app to set a timer.


You will receive a high quality mp3 that will provide the hand positions as well as timing as you perform your Reiki session.

Who is this product for?

Any Reiki practitioner who wants to perform a daily Reiki session on themselves.

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Many new Reiki Practitioners find it hard to set a daily habit to heal themselves.  Daily Reiki is a must for your personal healing journey, as well as improving your skills as a healer.


What you Receive

This Guided Reiki Session will help you settle in for a full self treatment.  You will receive prompts to let you know when 3 minutes have passed, as well as well to place your hands.

Download and use on your device anytime.


Start your Reiki Journey with the Guided Reiki Meditation Today.




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