What Is Distance Reiki

Reiki is a healing modality that can be done in person or done at a distance. This can be done in a variety of ways. Distance Reiki sessions can be done by phone, video conference, email, or by setting an agreed upon date and time in which the session will be performed.  Those that are unfamiliar with the treatment modality this seems odd that something that’s meant to heal the mind, body and soul can be done without the healer and receiver being in the same room.

Due to the pandemic, we are discovering that care can happen virtually and be effective. Telemedicine which was always available prior to the pandemic became the mainstay of care throughout the pandemic. I personally cared for many patients infected with coronavirus through virtual medicine throughout the pandemic.

Reiki II Practitioner

There are three degrees of Reiki training. First degree practitioners can perform Reiki on themselves. As a secondary practitioner has the training and attunement to perform Reiki on others as well as themselves.  This separation of degrees implies that the Reiki II practitioner should have more experience, at least by treating themselves, and hopefully has experience with meditation.  The Reiki II practitioner is the level in which Reiki students learn Distance Healing.  This is important because the recipient can have trust that the healer has some experience.  Reiki II practitioners devote a significant time in their training learning how to deliver Reiki through space and time.

How Does Distance Reiki Work?

Reiki is channeling of energy that is pure, loving and healing. Reiki Energy, like any other energy, is not limited to a specific time and place. We are surrounded by energy frequencies of all kinds, from radio waves, to Wi-Fi signals to infrared waves. These energies are invisible to the human eye, just as Reiki is. It takes some acceptance of Reiki as a form of purse energy to accept that it can be delivered in person or distance with equal efficacy.

When to Consider Distance Reiki

Distance Reiki Sessions are a powerful antidote to lack of access to healing. There are no limits on how Reiki Clients may find healers, and the use of technology further eases this. Reiki can be delivered by telephone, video chat, text message, or without direct communication.

In my Reiki practice, I was able to treat clients that were infected with Coronavirus while they were infectious using Distance Reiki. This experience was powerful, knowing that I could help without putting my safety or my families safety at risk.

Distance Reiki has endless possibilities when treating hospitalized patients or patients undergoing surgery. This can be arranged before a planned surgery or procedure. If the client agrees to receive Reiki during this time, then all that’s left is for the session to start at the agreed upon time.

“What if I don’t know Reiki, can I send Healing Energy?”

Yes! Reiki is a healing modality that involves mental training. However, if you want to help someone and don’t know Reiki, yes you can send healing energy.

Healing Prayer

If you have a spiritual practice, use a prayer session to help the person. I recommend praying in the fashion you feel most comfortable. There are many clinical studies showing that prayer

Healing Intention

If you don’t engage in prayer, you can use a Healing Intention, which can send wherever it’s needed. You can write down what it is you want healing for, then meditate, visualizing

Distance Reiki’s Role in a Post Pandemic World

The healing energy of Distance Reiki can and will help many of us recover from so many changes in our world after the pandemic. As life become gradually safer, it can still be nerve wracking to think of leaving home for in person services. Have a practice such a Distance Reiki Provides the ease and security of an in person session without having to wear person protective equipment.

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