Yoga Therapy for Healing and Resilience Interview with Intuitive Healer Sara Alavi

I recently had the honor of speaking with Sara Alavi. Sara has an incredible story, having overcomes Multiple Sclerosis and heart disease by pursuing her own personal healing journey of meditation, Yoga, Reiki, and many other healing modalities. Sara created Yoga Home of Therapeutics, a yoga studio that has trained many Yoga Instructors, Reiki Healers and other healers that have worked across the globe. She has instructed thousands of students in Yoga meditation as well has treated thousands with her Intuitive Healing services. Sara is my personal Guru. I was blessed to have been introduced to her by a dear friend when I began attending her studio where I was fortunate to train as a Yoga Instructor, Reiki Healer, as well as many wonderful workshops. Sara is now providing her amazing healing skills on her website Sara Alavi Intuitive Healer.  She is offering many powerful healing techniques, including Yoga Therapy. I often share with my patients and clients the importance of Yoga and how it can help in bringing balance to the body.

 I really wanted to go deeper into Yoga Therapy and what is offered with this service. The following is our discussion on the role Yoga Therapy plays in healing and resilience.

“What is Yoga Therapy?”

Sara shared with me the following:

Yoga in the West is portrayed mostly as a Yoga poses. This is because people gravitate towards this aspect of Yoga, and rarely go into the depths of the Yoga poses. Most Yoga classes focus on the poses, mainly alignment and breathing. Most Yoga classes tend to focus on alignment and breathing. Most students will learn asana, meditation and relaxation. In the west, more value is based on the physical body appearing strong, creating a strong, healthy body. Why the west focuses so much on the poses is that in the West, we tend to focus more on external appearance on Yoga Poses. Yoga in the west often overlooks the depths of Yoga beyond asana.

Yoga therapy looks at the person as a whole, seeing the human body as a universe. Yoga therapists view the person as a mind, body, brain, emotions, and feelings. The Yoga Therapist sees the person as presenting with a past that includes times in the lifetime as well as past lifetimes.

According to Sara, Yoga Therapy approaches the individual as a whole, and not only takes into account the current issues such as pain, physical illness and emotional suffering. Yoga Therapy embraces the human being as what Dr. Richard Weber, author of Vibrational Medicine, would say, “Multidimensional beings of energy.” Yoga therapy not only addresses challenges in this life, the ancient healing modality can address past life dissonance. Yoga Therapy uses energy in the physical body to heal the mind and body.

Yoga Therapy is an individualized approach to health and wellness. Rather than a classroom setting in which students follow the instructor, individuals work one on one with a highly trained instructor such as Sara to achieve results. As a practicing physician, I find this approach very attractive since Yoga can be tailored to individual needs.

Issues Addressed in Yoga Therapy

  • Mind
  • Body
  • Spirit
  • Emotions
  • Past Life

An important aspect of Yoga Therapy is consideration of personal past history as well as karmic past history. Yoga Therapy takes into account the individuals history of reincarnation, and how that may play a role in current illness.

“What kind of conditions does yoga therapy help?”

Yoga therapy can address many different needs, from feelings of disconnection, depression, to severe autoimmune diseases such as Lupus. Sara learned Yoga herself to overcome a major neurological disorder by practicing Yoga. Her experience has translated to a Yoga practice that has not only educated and trained many instructors, but has also aided thousands through their own personal trials.

According to Sara, the Yoga Therapy Client learns about this body, both physical and energy body.  “Pranayama kosha, the energy source that sustains your life“, is used to heal the body, mind and soul naturally in Yoga Therapy.

Yoga therapy allows the person to feel at peace and calm and harmonious within themselves,” which can help with healing, living through, surviving, or accepting a difficult diagnosis. Sara has applied the healing modality even to clients who are preparing to die.

“How does yoga improve resilience?”

I have wanted to focus on resilience during the month of March 2021.

Have a listen to “Reiki as a Resilience Lifestyle” on the Art of Healing Podcast

We have all seen and been through so much. As I have posted in previous blog posts and my podcast, resilience sometimes is the last tool to helping in getting through challenges in life.
Here is Sara’s Response:

Everyone deserves prosperity, abundance of love, joy, peace and wisdom. With Yoga Therapy, you never run out of tools for healing. Because of the depth and breadth of Yoga Therapy, there is always some aspect of Yoga Therapy that can improve strength and resilience.”

Sara also shared with me something I found very interesting, and comforting. In her Yoga Therapy Practice, she has has new clients that were facing a disease that would end their lives. These students wanted to work with Sara in Yoga therapy to help in the process of dying. She shared with me that for these individuals, the practice of Yoga Therapy helped to being peace, acceptance and calm to a difficult process. This effect spread to the families of the dying individual.

Sara has an active presence on social media on Facebook, Instagram as well as her website Sara Intuitive Healer.

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