Distance Reiki, Telemedicine, and new paradigm in healing

Those that practice or receive Reiki on a regular basis are likely familiar with the concept of Distance Healing. I notice that many people are not used to the concept, or don’t understand or trust this concept. I find this topic especially intriguing now, when I, like many physicians, have had to embrace telemedicine in order to continue my practice. In my Reiki practice, I have always offered Distance healing as an option to in person sessions.

One reason it can be hard to accept Distance Reiki, or Telemedicine, is because many of us are trained on and think in a “Newtonian Model”. Vibrational Medicine: The #1 Handbook of Subtle -Energy Therapies by Richard Gerber MD is recommended reading for many Reiki trainees and interested people will pick up. Dr. Gerber discusses idea that medical care is currently based on Newtonian physics. What this means is that the human body operates like a machine with every process having a clear started and and everything being visible were described by some sort of objective findings such as a number, of volume, or weight.

Newtonian View of Healing

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Dr. Gerber summarizes Newtonian Healing, or the philosophy of healing based on Newton’s laws of physics, as seeing the human body as a machine. When we view the human body as a machine, malfunctions require a repair that is mechanical, such as a medication or a surgery, which of course is what we frequently do in modern medicine.

This means that treatment has to be hands on in some way. There has to be direct contact with the “machine” of the human body in order to create any change.

This limits a healing encounter to something tangible and in person. So only in person visits can be seen as useful.

Eisenstein View of Healing

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Einstein’s ubiquitous equation is summarized by recognizing that mass and energy are interchangeable.

Applying this concept to medicine and healing , we have to go out on faith in understanding that some of the healing encounter will not involve direct touch, a direct measurement, or any tangible interaction.

Distance Healing by Telemedicine

Many factors lead to the wide acceptance of telemedicine during the Coronavirus Pandemic. Lack of supplies, along with social distancing guidelines meant that some doctors visits are best done virtually. The major downside of telemedicine is that the hands on physical exam is lost. However, it is possible to do some physical exam virtually by using the camera to visually asses what’s going on. The encounter relies heavily on the exchange of information, so questions asked by the provider must go beyond what would usually occur in the clinic. Likewise, patients must willing to share more information than usual in order to get the best benefits from the visit.

Distance Healing with Reiki

In my Reiki practice, I offer distance sessions. Those seeking Reiki are often comfortable with this concept, but anyone that is not versed in energy medicine, this does not make sense. In a Distance Reiki session, the client may have the treatment wherever they are most comfortable. I connect with my clinic either by phone or text at the start of the session. I channel Reiki just as I would an in person session, however, rather than focusing my attention on the person in front of me, I am going around time and space to heal them. We learn in Reiki that time and space are concepts held by man, and are malleable. I may “feel” that my client is 20, 50, or 1,000 miles away from me, but once the healing session starts, I simply eliminate distance as a factor, and use Reiki to close the distance gap.

Mind-bending concept, but its so cool in action.

The New Healing Paradigm

My personal prediction, and purely my own opinion, is that the changes in healthcare that are coming will be amazing. Modern American healthcare, which has previously operated on the mechanical, Newtonian model has been forced to accept that healing can be accomplished in a number of ways, and is not limited to time or space. I feel that as we venture further into this pandemic, we will find ways to heal our patients beyond face to face encounter. As a Reiki Practitioner, I am so happy that in healthcare, we are slowly moving into accepting a little quantum physics. I feel that as we move away from the simplistic view of medicine as seeing the human as a machine, our capacity to reach and heal our patients will grow by leaps and bounds.

I know these are lofty concepts, but bear with me. I’m an Aquarian.

Thanks for reading! Have a fabulous day.

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