3 Ways to Use Reiki in Real Life

3 Ways to Use Reiki in Real Life

Take your Reiki Practice off the table.

Most people think of Reiki in the form of a treatment or healing session. A Reiki Practitioner treats a client on a table in a beautifully appointed room. While this is a fantastic way to receive Reiki, there’s an even more powerful way to use Reiki.

Reiki can be a tool for empowerment. Reiki is meant to be used in any setting. Using Reiki in real life adds intention, purpose, and healing to even the most mundane tasks.

Using Reiki in real life can make challenges tasks easier, and remove blocks.

1. Reiki In the Home

Reiki in the home
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When cleaning the house, you dust, mop, shine and disinfect. What about the energy? A room that is cluttered creates stagnant energy. Even after a thorough cleaning, sometimes you can still feel the “ick” factor in the air. That same “ick” may still be present after having an unpleasant guest in your home. Even after your guest leave, you may notice your home may just feel wrong.

An excellent test of the energy in your home is putting your home on the market. If your house is on the market, have many potential buyers come to look but you get no offers? The same “ick”, which is stagnant energy in the home may be lowering the value of your home. Buyers may come through and pick up a bad vibe and keep moving.

My house sat on the market for a long time. Finally, after finding the right real estate agent, and performing Reiki on my home, it sold to a very nice family.

Is there a part of your home you avoid? It seems dark? Make you tired or you simply don’t like it?

Doing Reiki on a part of your home, a room, or the whole home can help clear out that negative energy and is easier than saging your home.

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You can perform Reiki perform Reiki in your home in the following ways:

  • Reiki a part of the home or a room by beaming CKR then SHK toward one or more walls in the area. I usually do this for about 3-5 minutes. Doing each wall of a room, the ceiling and the floor will deliver Reiki to the entire room.
  • Stand in the center of the room Channel Reiki through yourself, then envision it spreading from you to the entire room.
  • Reiki your home as you would using Sage, walking while beaming Reiki from your hands, attempting to cover every space you can reach.
  • Finally, use Distance Reiki on a picture of the house.

2. Reiki at Work/Business

Use Reiki at Work to improve productivity and reduce stress

The 5 Reiki Precepts can serve as a guiding principle in any area of your life. We expend much of our life force in our vocations. I personally feel that incorporating Reiki in the workplace and business not only reduces stress, but improves your productivity.

  1.  Worried about some aspect of your work or business? Write down what it is that worries you. Then perform Reiki on that piece of paper. If the object of your worry is large or intense, perform this task daily. You may find the solution to the problem generates itself.
  2. Anticipating a stressful meeting? Send Reiki to the meeting using HSZSHN to prevent angry outbursts during the meeting.
  3. Needing to increase productivity Start with 3 minutes of Reiki before performing any task to help keep your vibration high.
  4. Feel like the office is getting toxic? Use Reiki to send thoughts of kindness to your workers. You can try writing down kind intentions then performing Reiki on the intentions to raise the vibration of the office.
  5. Make a lousy of everything you were grateful for in the workplace. You can use CKR on the list for an extra boost.

3. Reiki for Travel

Reiki can ease the stress of travel.

Traveling can be exciting, but stressful. Flight schedules, who you sit next to, making sure to stay healthy while traveling during the pandemic, all add to the stress. There are so many factors that you can’t control when traveling. 

Use Reiki before your next trip. 

 I send Reiki to flights, rental cars, hotels as well as to anyone I will interact with. Rather than worrying about all the many factors I can’t control when traveling, I turn it over to Reiki and relax.

  1. Send Reiki to the Future using HSZSN to all your flight plants to help with cancellations and delays
  2. Use CKR and SHK on yourself before and during travel to keep your nerves calm and your immune system strong.
  3. When going to bed in a strange place, SHK on the head/heart/belly can help with relaxation.
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Reiki is a healing tool, but also a tool that can improve your life. I hope you find this article helpful.

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