Past Life Meditation


I frequently discuss meditation  at work and in my personal life.  This post is for those that are comfortable with meditation.

I recently started using Insight Timer  in my cell phone.  I discovered a past life meditation that was an amazing experience.

I recommend this meditation for those that are comfortable with meditation.  This is a longer session, around 1 hour.  The meditation will guide you through a deep relaxation then onto a past life.

My personal experience was unexpected.  I discovered many things about myself, including why I love astronomy in this life.

I hope others will try it as well.

Past Life Meditation

World Peace Card Meditations


Every month  The International Center for Reiki Training  sends a monthly reminder for a World Peace Meditation if you are a subscriber (which is free).  This meditation is very simple, and has many benefits.  You can find the World Peace Meditation summary and instructions here:

World Peace Card Meditations

The idea is that if many of us meditate, we create a healing wave of energy that travels the planet.  The meditation requires only 15 minutes of your time, and you’ll personally feel the wave of energy.