Self Care During The Pandemic

2020 has been a year that has changed the lives of all of us on the planet. There has been loss beyond measure. Every industry has been impacted. As a practicing physician, this pandemic reminds of the the “never will happen” scenario I was taught about in medical school. All that aside, no matter ifContinue reading “Self Care During The Pandemic”

Welcome to Healing Arts Health and Wellness

I would like to introduce my new place online, Healing Arts Health and Wellness. I have been dreaming of creating one place in which I could discuss medicine, Reiki, and all things I’m passionate about. Just like everyone else, this year for me has been earth shaking. I will no longer sit on the sidelinesContinue reading “Welcome to Healing Arts Health and Wellness”

My Journey to Reiki/How Reiki Found Me

My experience with Reiki is what lead me to start this blog.  As I’ve been composing my thoughts, and trying to decide what content I should post about Reiki, I forgot I should share my story of how Reiki found me. I read a beautiful post  at My Journey to Reiki that reminded me that as excitedContinue reading “My Journey to Reiki/How Reiki Found Me”