The 5 Reiki Precepts

If you’ve been reading my blog, or any information online concerning reiki, I’m sure you’ve noticed by now that there are five precepts that keep reoccurring. When I first learned regularly I was so pleased to learn at this simple and effective framework the structures your mindset when you’re first learning Reiki.

Since learning Reiki I find that the five precepts working every aspect of my life. They’re very simple and knowing these can help in any way not only in Reiki.

I noticed that the five Reiki precepts involved three positive actions that you want to do more of and two negative actions that you want to do less.

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Reiki Precepts We Want to do More

  • Work hard
  • Be kind of others
  • Be grateful

When you read these three positive actions, it’s so simple to realize that there really is no reason not to do these. the concept of working hard simply means that you apply yourself wholeheartedly to whatever you’re doing. So if you’re working do your best. If you’re being a good friend be the best friend. If you’re taking care of yourself taking exquisite care of yourself.

Being kind of others as well is one that there really is no reason not to attempt. Being kind to others can be grand gesture such as gifts or going out of your way to do something for someone. Sometimes being kind is simply the recognition the person you’re interacting with maybe going through suffering you can’t imagine. If you’re driving in your car and a driver cuts you off, maybe they’re rude yes, but maybe they’re on their way to the hospital after receiving bad news. In any case, sending them kind thoughts doesn’t hurt.

Gratitude is an emotion that’s easily overlooked. And just like with kindness, you can’t have grand gestures of gratitude but even a small one such as appreciating a sunrise or the night sky goes a lot and lifting your mood as well as the mood of others around you.

Reiki Precepts We want to do Less

  • Do not worry
  • Do not get angry

The actions that we wish to do less of which are do not worry and do not get angry are easy to realize that for the most part we really don’t need to be worrying or getting angry.

 I treat many patients that are suffering from anxiety. Clinically anxiety can be crippling and life-altering and needs to be discussed. What’s interesting is that many of my patients often don’t want to be on medications but they want to learn how to manage their anxiety. The basis of anxiety for the vast majority of these people is the habit of worry. Worrying or hanging on the thoughts of what could happen can be a habit that you learned to feed. With some training, therapy, and meditation you can unlearn The chronic habit of worry and this is worth the effort.  Worry thoughts that circulating your head set you up to feel the physical symptoms of anxiety.

Anger can be a catalyst for . However, depending on the setting and how you use the anger it may also feel negativity, overall lower your vibrations, and reduce your quality of life. I think it’s nice to recognize what might be driving anger and work on changing that rather than embracing the anger as a pure emotion that leads to reactions that hurt others.

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