7 Ways Becoming a Reiki Healer Creates Wellness

My original curiosity about Reiki was for for my own wellness regimen. I thought it would be nice to have a healing tool I could use on myself.

I completed the 21 days of self-healing and I felt better and I had in years.  I have come to appreciate that becoming a Reiki healer has healed me as much as my clients. I am now from believer that being a Reiki practitioner improves the mind and body of the Reiki practitioner as well as their clients.

Learning Reiki has created benefits beyond what I had expected. I would have never anticipated so many areas of my life to improve by learning Reiki.

Even if you don’t practice Reiki on others, here are the reasons that you will want to consider learning Reiki for your own Health and Wellness .

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7 Reasons to Learn Reiki

Ability to Stay Grounded in the Present Moment

In order to get the energy flowing in Reiki, you must be able to quiet the mind and center the body. It is well known that Reiki healer’s absorb some of the healing energies of Reiki. This is likely because Reiki is a form of a mindfulness practice. There is a sense of peace and calm that occurs wile performing Reiki on oneself as well as others.

The overall affect if feeling very grounded and centered in the present moment. On of the Reiki precepts is “Do Not Worry”, and it is nearly impossible to worry during a Reiki Session.

When performing a Reiki session on myself or anyone else it is almost impossible not to become centered in the present moment. Even if my mind begins to drift the flowing energy quickly pulls me back to the present. After completing the session I typically feel wonderful.

Improve Relationships

All relationships are energy exchanges. Some relationships, like casual acquaintances or friendships are an exchanges of only a small amount of energy. Other relationships, such as romantic ties and family can involve large exchanges of energy.

Improving your own energy with the practice of Reiki can improve your relationships with others. Your ability to listen with your heart and soul will grow with every Reiki session you give yourself.

Setting Boundaries

Being able to set boundaries professionally, emotionally or in other ways is important to maintaining a healthy mind, body and spirit. Having a personal practice such as Reiki has helped me in this way.

Being a busy primary care doctor, time is often a resource that is lacking. There is always a struggle between spending enough time with each patient while being respectful of the schedule and those that are waiting. I’m able to find gentle yet empathetic language to let patients know that although I want to hear what they have to say it’s simply not possible to spend hours with them.

Setting this boundary lets patient know I will honor their time with me, as I will honor time with each patient that comes.

Preventing Illness

My initial interest in learning Reiki was to prevent illness in myself. I am frequently exposed to infectious disease in my medical practice. I was very excited to have something in my toolkit that I could use in myself to prevent an infection. If I feel the early warnings of an infection I start using Reiki on myself for longer sessions. During the day it is not unusual for me to perform a 5-minute Reiki session for mental/emotional healing at lunch time. I frequently perform Reiki on myself at bedtime to help relax and to help with insomnia.

I have learned from my own body as I suspect many readers have learned that stress plays a role in pretty much any ailment I have. So I usually include Reiki anytime I’m feeling that I may become sick. I consider it one of my long-term disease prevention tools.

Becoming a Reiki Healer improves your communication

Listening with an open heart and a non-judgmental mind is a life skill that helps all of us. Unfortunately, so much of modern life trains us to communicate in a rapid pace, focusing more on our responses to the person rather than listening.

Reiki encourages a mindful state of being. Practicing Reiki oneself and others helps the healer quiet the mind. When the mind is quiet, it is much easier to listen during conversations.

Reiki practice can help heal judgmental thoughts. Judgments about a person or a situation can make communication difficult. When we try not to judge, and especially following the precept, “Do Not Get Angry”, we can communicate with others more effectively.

Increases Intuition

Many individuals are born with natural gifts. They may have psychic abilities which allow them access to information that is not normally available to the rest of us. This can include being able to see, here, feel things the rest of us cannot. This can also include increase empathy to the point that they’re able to sense others feelings (or being empathic).

My own intuition increased after Reiki I training. This blessing allowed me to sense what was going on with patients by making observations about their energy bodies in addition to there physical bodies.

This is a wonderful gift to have but please be aware that these are not always reliable. Using psychic abilities often requires you to be able to enter mindful state which can be difficult during busy times. It also takes practice. You need to be able to perform Reiki on yourself even briefly on a daily basis in order to engage these gifts.

Increase Awareness of Future Events

Training to become a Reiki Healer has been known to create a phenomenon individuals in which their psychic senses are opened up. I do not believe that this is a typical results. I do believe that having a quiet and calm mind opens the mind up so that information that is not normally available becomes available.

In my own life I’ve experienced an increased ability to predict future events. This goes with increased self-awareness as well as awareness of others around me. I would not say that this is an increased ability to be psychic. However I definitely can see how this would be possible especially in individuals that are naturally gifted.

I find that this ability to predict future events helps me most in my personal life and in my own health. Having the increase awareness of what’s driving my stress levels too high, what vibrations are bringing me down helps me to avoid events I may not want to be a part of.

Reiki Helps you Connect to Yourself

We all spend so much time communicating, taking in information and outputting information. Media images often shows us images of individuals that appear happier, healthier, wealthier, and overall thriving in life.

It can be difficult to sort out our own feelings of what is real and what seems real.

Practicing Reiki on yourself can help to reconnect you to who you are, and what your true heart desires are. Practicing on yourself and others can help you sort out what you need and you see around you.

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