Why Learn Reiki

Self Empowerment

I have noticed over my years of medical practice as well as Reiki practice that those individuals that feel that they have some control in their treatment overall do better. There are so many reasons that as individuals we often feel that we don’t have any say so in our destiny. When it comes to your health, both physical health and mental/emotional health, playing an active role can make the difference in how you do in the long term.

In my medical practice I seek to find ways to empower patients with knowledge and resources. This can be difficult but I feel that it’s always worthwhile for every patient to understand what medicine they’re taking, what treatment they’re getting, and the risk and benefits.

I am offering a Reiki course through my website as another tool to empower individuals to get in touch with themselves. Unlike many of our medical treatments Reiki has little to no risk. likely the worst thing that can happen is you simply lose interest or don’t complete the course. It is such a simple healing modality there is no reason that many more individuals don’t learn it. I am hoping to help spread the word by offering a course.

Improving Your Intuition

One of my favorite side effects of becoming attuned Reiki is having a sharpened sense of intuition.  Being in touch with your inner voice not only makes your life easier but more enjoyable.   Why not empower yourself with a gift of being able to sense changes in your own physical, emotional and energy body in a way that you make better decisions in your care? It is not likely that you’ll develop psychic abilities, but one of the best benefits of being a Reiki practitioner is that the inner quiet that you have allows you to have an openness and an awareness that can help your entire life.

Contagious Positivity

I have been keenly aware of contagious diseases for many years as a practicing physician. The pandemic of 2020 has taught all of us of how a contagious entity can change our lives. Positive forces can also be contagious. Think of a baby’s response to a laughing adult.  A baby doesn’t understand what you’re laughing at; he is just simply responding to your energy and loving it. As a Reiki practitioner we are all tasked to try to spread our positivity as much as possible with our own practices and by teaching.

Casual Miracles

I’ve seen some pretty interesting things in my time as a physician and a Reiki practitioner. In my Reiki practice I witness events that I would simply call miracles. The more that I practice Reiki the more I see these miracles happen. I’ve come to expect miracles. In these modern times I don’t think there’s anything wrong with inviting miraculous energy into our lives.  Tuning in to higher frequencies of Reiki, it is much easier to invite miracles into our lives.

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