6 Things that Happen During a Sound Healing

Sound healing is a healing modality that embraces the power of sound waves to heal the mind, body and spirit. Sound Healer and Reiki Master Kathy Harmon-Luber shared a sound healing session on the Art of Healing podcast:

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I asked Kathy what happens during a sound healing, and she shared with me that 6 things happen to the mind and body during sound healing.

1. The Water in Our Bodies Resonates with Sound

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The human body is mostly made of water. According to Kathy, sound travels through the water in the body, and this is where the resonance can lead to healing. Water can be programmed, as shown by the scientific studies conducted by Masuro Emoto show that water responds to different sound vibrations. In his studies, Emoto showed that positive words such as love, hope and thank you, cause water to form well organized crystals. When words such “you fool” caused the frozen water to form disorganized crystals.

Read more about Masuro Emoto’s studies here:

2. Sound Frequencies Work In Ranges we can’t hear

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Kathy states that many of the healing tools used in sound healing generate frequencies that are much higher and lower thatn the range of the human ear.

A sound bath creates healing by immersing the body in the sound frequencies, so hearing the sounds on a conscious level is not necessary in order for the healing to occur.

3. Sound healing creates a Theta waves in the brain

The human brain generates electrical activity that varies in frequencies. When we are awake, the electrical patterns generated by the human brain are alpha, gamma, or beta waves. Theta waves are associated with a higher level of subconscious activity.

4. Sound Healing Helps old cells regenerate

The vibrations generated from sound healing help cells regenerate. A small study showed an instrument called a Cymoscope was able to restore red blood cell membrane integrity.

Loss of red blood cells leads to anemia, which causes fatigue and reduced ability to heal. Using sound to renew red blood cells also has little risk, and can be combined with other healing modalities for healing.

5. Sound Healing can help cells that have gone dormant wake up

Kathy states that sound healing can help cells become restored. The combination of relaxation from theta waves in the brain along with the healing frequencies can create an environment that allows cells to heals.

6. Sound Healing Balances the Energy in our bodies

We feel our bodies in solid form, but quantum physics teaches us that solid matter is simply light particles slowed down enough to form a solid. Sound healing allows the energy center in the body to balance themselves. Energetic alignment allows the mind and body to heal themselves.

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Want to learn more about sound healing?

I recommend having a look at Kathy’s website www. survivetothrive.com to learn more about sound healing and schedule your session. I’m getting my sound healing session soon! I’ll let you know how it goes.

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  1. Thank you for sharing your insightful article on the topic of sound healing. I found it to be a fascinating read that shed light on the transformative effects of this practice. The six things you highlighted during a sound healing session provided valuable insights into the power of sound and its impact on our well-being.

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