Healing Beyond Space and Time

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One of the most difficult concepts to explain about Reiki to those that don’t have experience with Reiki is the concept of healing beyond space and time.  Most of us equate healing with a hands on experience that is done face to face.

It’s easy to forget that healing encounters such as Reiki are not limited to any particular place or even a particular time.  In this blog post, I will explain how Reiki in its limitless healing can be used in ways that we are normally limited to.  

I was inspired to create this post due to a recent experience with a Reiki client. While working my client in a distance session, his “Inner Child” showed up.  My client is in his 40’s, but during this Reiki session, a younger version of himself appeared in the Distance Healing Reiki space. 

Healing the Past

In Energy medicine, “Inner Child” work usually refers to focused healing of the younger version of yourself.  The concept starts with your experience with trauma.  When we suffer traumas in life, major or minor, part of us will split off, and stay in that moment. This “Inner Child” will follow you throughout your life, echoing the painful emotions of that past trauma.  Triggers that remind you of the trauma may ignite the “Inner Child” to drive strong,  uncontrollable emotions.  

My client’s Inner Child was very helpful, in that his age marked the time of trauma for my client that opened the door to serious illness as an adult.  

“Still blowing my mind what you’re telling me. I want to be empowered of my own mind, body, and spirit “

—quote from Reiki client at Healing Arts Health and Wellness

Inner Child work is one example of how Reiki Healing is able to bypass the linear passage of time to provide deep healing.  During a Reiki session, its not unusual for past traumas to arise in this way.  Once this happens, although this can be uncomfortable, allows the client to arrive at the root cause of what they are experiencing.

In modern medicine we do take into account past medical history. This is done very frequently when we’re taking a history on patients and we review past surgeries and pass diagnosis. Interestingly, we do work with the future and conventional medicine. We sometimes make predictions on prognosis but we often stop there.  Clinically, there is some integration of childhood traumas when the Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) are assessed.   Because of the structure of most clinical visits, although we do review past medical history we don’t coordinate issues such as past trauma and past emotional issues with ongoing medical issues. This is truly sad because we are missing one of the most important pieces of information into what’s causing someone’s illness.

A Course in Miracles Quotation

According to Dr. Richard Gerber in his book Vibrational Medicine, human anatomy is “Multi-Dimensional”. The human being is much more than the physical structures that make up the body. The energy of humans  partly exists in the physical form, but the consciousness is above, within, and below the human body. This means that interactions need not be physical to be impactful. Healing operates the same way. Clients can rest assured that an encounter for healing is not limited by a point in time or a place.

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