Reiki for Fatigue

Should You try it?

Should You try it?

People suffering from fatigue have often sought all kinds of treatment. You may be wondering if you suffer from fatigue, is it worth it to consider Reiki?

Can Reiki help with fatigue

Using Reiki to heal fatigue, particularly Chronic Fatigue is a great idea. First, you want to make sure you have been evaluated to find all the reasons you have fatigue. I would recommend discussing your symptoms with your family physician or primary care provider.

I am always cautious when dealing with patients in my clinical practice or Reiki clients in terms of fatigue. In my experience, fatigue similar to insomnia, weight gain, and depression, it is often a symptom of some other condition. Although I do think it’s good to aim at treating fatigue as a standalone condition both practitioner and client need to realize that there are likely multiple underlying issues leading to the problem.

That being said, no matter what approach is taken eventually the person being treated needs to be offered a holistic solution. This may include medications, nutritional supplements, psychotherapy, and of course the subject we are discussing reiki.

When is Fatigue a problem?

There will be times we are all prone to feeling tired. This should happen daily, when it’s time to go to sleep. It may occur on a longer basis after a major life chance such as the birth of a child.

Chronic fatigue is defined as persistent undermitting fatigue that has been present for at least 3 months and usually 6 months. The diagnosis of chronic fatigue is not usually made until a complete work of has been done. Other conditions such as anemia, thyroid disease, malignancy or autoimmune disease need to be ruled out.

Getting to the Root of Fatigue

Fatigue needs to be fully evaluated since it can be a symptom of a serious disease. I always recommend talking to your physician about your fatigue even while your pursuing a holistic remedy such as Reiki.

Fatigue often is a symptom of anxiety or depression. This may likely come up during your evaluation. It is important not to be judgmental of yourself during this time. I’ve had many patients accept the diagnosis of depression or anxiety as a failure. This is not true of course. If your fatigue is a results of depression and anxiety, it simply means your disease is coming mostly from your neurological symptom rather than a condition of the body.

Reiki and Fatigue clinical evidence

Reiki can help with fatigue. Recently, while preparing for talk, I discovered two papers that showed Reiki can help with fatigue.

Individuals being treated for cancer have fatigue that often has no obvious treatment. Cancer is taxing in a number of ways. Cancer is hypermetabolic tissue, meaning it is using more or the body’s resources than other tissues. Treatments for cancer or also taxing. Side effects of radiation, chemotherapy and surgery are common unfortunately.

A small study conducted in Canada “suggests that Reiki treatments are moderately effective at reducing CRF [Cancer Related Fatigue] and may have more broad-ranging effects on overall quality of life.” ¹ A healing modality such as Reiki can and should be offered to patients as it will not cause harm and offers additional treatment options

A study completed in a rural academic center showed that as compared to massage, “Reiki showed a statistically greater improvement for fatigue and anxiety compared with massage therapy.²” Patients being hospitalized are under the highest stress levels imaginable. Being subjected to treatments as well as disrupted sleep increase stress levels to a point that any illness may be made worse.

What to expect using Reiki for Fatigue

If you are considering Reiki to help with fatigue, I would recommend getting at least 3-6 sessions. Fatigue, similar to insomnia, is often a symptom, so while you are starting your Reiki treatments, you should purse medical care to rule out issues such as anemia, vitamin deficiency as well as if you need testing for anxiety and depression.

Many people have a healing reaction after treatment with Reiki. Its typical to actually feel more tired or sleep more after treatment. I advise clients to allow for more time to rest after they’ve started a treatment course with Reiki.

If you are a Reiki practitioner, you may consider treating yourself in the mornings. Using the Mental/Emotional Technique for even 5 minutes in the mornings will likely bring some relief. Preferably, you should attempt to do full treatments on yourself. Consider journaling as well. I often use my journal to help me understand my on energy blocks after a self treatment session.

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