Risks of Reiki

Are there risks with Reiki? 

People curious about Reiki wonder if there are any risks associated with the treatment.  Many treatments have  benefits (which is what we want) and risks (unintended consequences of treatment).  Reiki is one of the safest healing modalities I am aware of.  I am used to prescribing medications which have considerable side effects that can be dangerous.  Any treatment can cause harm, but the question is can Reiki cause harm?

Adverse Reaction to Reiki

Emotional Release

Many people come to a Reiki session hoping for a session of relaxation.  Many clients will enjoy a relaxing session in which they drift into a light sleep or meditative state.  Some clients will not have such a peaceful session.  Reiki unblocks energy in the body, mind, and spirit.  Depending on the person’s experience,  some may have very strong emotional releases with crying or yelling.

Physical Sensations

It is fairly common to have physical sensations during a Reiki session.  Many individuals notice sensations of warmth, coolness, tingling or buzzing.  It is also very common to have muscle twitch briefly as the body makes adjustments.  Reiki is helping the body heal itself, so in particular those with painful joints may feel small movements in the affected area. 

Unfortunately, it is possible to have uncomfortable sensations that may interrupt the session.  When I’ve treated others, I’ve had clients become nauseous, vomit, or have pain.  Pain during the session may be alleviated by readjusting on the Reiki table.

Personally, when I receive Reiki sessions, it’s not unusual for me to have to use the restroom during the session as my body detoxes negative energies. 

Healing Reaction After Treatment

I advise all clients, new and returning, that there may be a delayed healing reaction.  I instruct clients after a session to avoid strenuous activities for at least 24 hours and to drink plenty of water.  The body’s energy has undergone major shifts.  This may lead to fatigue, sleepiness, or even cold-like symptoms.  I feel that it is best to let the body settle as well as the mind.

My clients frequently report vivid dreams after the session.  Many of my clients report  taking long naps after their session.  I’ve had clients who could not rest after the session but they seem to do okay.

When Reiki Doesn’t Work

Reiki simply may not work.  If the reason that brought a person to Reiki is severe, or the client is not completely open, Reiki may be ineffective. In this situation, money and time have been lost.  However, I would advise these clients to give it more time as the healing effect may be delayed.  I have had clients that did not respond and try additional treatments.  In these instances, there seems to be a response.

Understanding Expectations

In the previous podcasts, the Limits of Reiki, I discuss expectations coming to Reiki.  Reiki does not replace medical treatment.  Reiki can help any condition, but a severe condition that is rapidly getting worse will not likely respond to Reiki.  

Have a listen to the Arts of Healing Podcast to hear about the Limits of Reiki

Many individuals may seek Reiki out of desperation.  These individuals should be counseled that they may be experiencing a shock or grief response.  In these cases, I often ask for the individual to wait before deciding to initiate Reiki.  If they choose to proceed, I like to set treatment goals before starting the treatment.  

Relationship with Healer is Not Therapeutic

If you are being treated by an individual that you have not formed a therapeutic relationship with, the overall session may not be effective.  I feel that anyone that provides this healing service should be willing to have open and honest dialogue and should be available for questions after the session.

Is it Worth it to Try Reiki Again?

 If you’ve had a session that you feel did not work, I recommend using your intuition if you decide to try another session.  There may have been many factors that may have prevented the outcome you desired.  Possibly, the outcome you were pursuing may not have been in your best interest.  I feel it may be good to discuss with your practitioner the results, as you may have had a positive response that you did not originally identify. 

Reiki is a healing modality that hope becomes available to all people, but I feel it is important to understand there are limits to this healing modality, just as there are to all healing modalities.

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