Should you take a Reiki Course online?

If you are at the point that you have decided to learn Reiki on your own, you may be wondering where and how to start. I have the blessing of having learned Reiki in person, online live and online through a self guided course. Each way of learning was a blessing all it’s own. Honestly, the nature of Reiki is that it is not limited by human constraints and I fully believe you can come away from any of these settings with a wonderful life enhancing experience.

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In Person Reiki Courses

This was how I learned Reiki I and Reiki II. It was wonderful in that I made lifelong friends, and we also got to practice treating each other. It was a lot of information to cover in a short period of time. The course took place over a weekend so it was manageable for those that work during the week. I did not feel there were any drawbacks in learning live, but if anyone struggles with attention and focus, this setting may be intense. When you are learning Reiki, you are learning a combination of healing modalities, and initially this can feel overwhelming.

I think of the the best parts of the live course is the group setting, in which you can form Reiki Circles, a group of Reiki Practitioners that can team up to share Reiki.

The major concern with this currently is in person meetings are limited due to pandemic regulations. If a class is meeting live, masks will likely be required. This may be a distraction since the courses tend to b several hours long.

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Live Online Course

A live online course gives you the real time experience of being with the instructor while learning from the safety of your home. You won’t need a mask, you can be in your favorite pajamas. Depending on the class format, you may be able to interact with other students. Your attunement will occur just like in an in person class. I very much enjoyed learning Reiki in a live class.

If there is a drawback, its that the class may not be recorded, so you’ll want to take excellent notes.

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Online Self Guided Course

There a numerous courses online for Reiki that will go by your timing. Thanks to the advance in technology, it is now possible to learn Reiki in your own time and in your own pace. Healing Arts Health and Wellness can be a possible resource in your Reiki journey, but you should follow your heart on what course resonates with you the most. I completed and Animal Reiki Course this way and I loved it.

The challenge of this format is that it is self paced, an if you get distracted, you may forget to complete your courses. Also, depending on the instructor, you will need to understand how your attunmenent will take place. Otherwise, taking a course in which you pace yourself is an amazing way to get your Reiki training.

My goal with my current work with Reiki is to help as many people as I can find a path to Reiki. Please share in the comments your experience if you’ve done Reiki and definately feel free to share questions with me.

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