Developing Resilience with Reiki

Merriam-Webster defines resilience as ” the ability to recover from or just easily to misfortune or change”. I think it’s easy to say that after the wide sweeping changes created by the pandemic that all of us need to consider how we will further develop our resilience.

In the podcast, Reiki as a Resilience Lifestyle  podcast I discussed my ”Energy Tank”. I had this mental concept of the tank within myself that’s stored my life force. When it was full, I felt good. my energy was high, I could think clearly, I was productive at work and caring for my patients and present in my relationships. When it was low, I was prone to illness, irritable, promised insomnia, and performed poorly. This internal monitoring system was a great way for me to tune in to myself. The problem with this “Energy Tank” was that the energy could be drained by external factors. I also had to rely on external factors to refill the tank. This sort of fueling sapped my energy and prevented me from developing true resilience to survive life’s challenges.

Resilience is necessary. We cant avoid life’s challenges. Unexpected changes come up. When we can avoid unpleasant events, of course we want to. However, there will be times we can’t avoid pain and suffering. So having a plan to deal with life challenges is the next step.

Reiki Before the Challenge

There are not many guarantees in life, but one is that change is inevitable. There’s simply no way around it. No matter how well your life is going, eventually there will be illness, a death, a job loss or some other devastating event. Having a healing tool such as Reiki can help to anticipate and prepare yourself for oncoming challenges. Quieting the mind with a practice such as self Reiki or meditation helps to improve intuition. When the mind chatter subsides, solutions may arise. Problems may seem to resolve themselves. This isn’t to say that Reiki or meditation can make you psychic (although you may be born with gifts like this). Having a regular practice that makes space in your mind for calmness creates a cushion that can help to buffer even the greatest challenges in life.

Reiki During the Challenge

  Remaining grounded during the challenge helps to make any of life’s challenges easier to bear. I perform daily self Reiki when I am going through my own personal challenges. I still go through all the emotions of grief, anger, or overwhelm, but having the personal healing practice helps each difficult phase to pass in it’s own time. I have found that Reiki helps me return to my center even during the most challenging times.

Reiki for Recovering from Challenge

 Once the challenging event has occurred, recovery and healing are equally as important as anticipation and survival. Reiki as a personal healing practice can help with this. Depending on what event you have been through it may be possible to do your own self healing, You may also want to consider having someone in your corner such as a professional healer. After surgery, for  example, Reiki can help with the healing and recovery. Performing self Reiki may be difficult during a medical recovery, so consider having a relationship with a Reiki practitioner. If you are the Reiki practitioner and you are attuned to the level two symbols you may consider sending yourself Reiki into the future to help healing your recovery you have the ability to plan for the event.

I have found personally that my own resilience has improved my performing daily Reiki. Meditation on a regular basis also can improve mental and physical resilience, allowing for the mind and body to recover.

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