Vetiver-My Favorite Winter Essential Oil

Vetiver is an essential oil that comes from a grass grown in Haiti, Indonesia and Sri Lanka (1).  The essential oil is derived from the roots of the plant.   

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Vetiver is great to apply, diluted to muscles and joints.  I am currently moving, and with all the heavy lifting, this has been my go to night time cream. Vetiver is thought to be very grounding. It’s good to use if you’re feeling scattered, over-stimulated, or having insomnia.  Although I usually recommend using it at night, grounding essential oils can be used during the day during times of extreme anxiety or stress. 

I recommend diluting Vetiver as it tends to have a strong smell.  It is very thick in consistency, so you’ll find it may take several seconds of holding the bottle upside down to get a drop out. 

One of my favorite combinations is 4-5 drops of Frankincense with 1 drop of Vetiver in a 5ml roller bottle with any carrier oil.   This makes a very nice neck or lower back oil blend to use at night. 

Vetiver has been found to have have antibacterial activity against Staphylococcus aureus (2).

I like to recommend essential oils based on someone’s experience with essential oils.  If a patient, Reiki Client, or Yoga student asks me for essential oil recommendations, I try to recommend an oil that will be a good investment.  Vetiver is not the cheapest oil, but it will last a very long time. I recommend using one drop at a time, and anticipate one Doterra bottle lasting well over 6 months.  If you are new to using essential oils, I don’t recommend starting with Vetiver. This is an essential oil I would recommend using for users with experience using essential oils.  This is a strong oil, best diluted. It can be diffused, but I personally don’t like the scent diffused. This is an excellent topical oil, and I typically add it to a carrier oil or lotion and apply at night.

In the winter, I add one drop to my favorite hand sanitizer to boost the antibacterial effect as well as for the grounding affect. The warm scent of vetiver is excellent for winter.  Especially for those days when you feel achy all over.  I prefer to use this oil after taking a shower before bedtime.  Vetiver has a stong odor, so you can dilute one drop in a few tablespoons of an unscented moisturizer and have a nice, and not overpowering scent. 

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