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January 2023 Meditation-What's Really True? The Art of Healing

Please join me for this meditation practice.  You’ll want to grab your favorite journaling tools, such as a pen and journal, your laptop or tablet.This meditation comes from my book The 21 Day Meditation Journey, which is available in print or ebook on Amazon.You can also start your Mindfulness Journey for free with my Mindfulness Mastery CourseThis meditation will allow us to gather all the thoughts that don’t serve us, so you may consider a release of these thoughts such as a Burning Bowl Ceremony or burying the paper in the Earth.Thank you for meditating with me!Love,CharlyceWelcome to the Art of Healing Podcast.Let's explore your mind, body and spirit through Integrative Medicine, Meditation and Reiki.Don't miss the latest episodes.  Sign up to get the weekly newsletters and get the Art of Healing Podcast in your inbox:Healing Arts Weekly Newsletter Thank you for listening to the Art of Healing Podcast.Ready to start your journey into Meditation, Mindfulness or Reiki?Learn about the Programs at Healing Arts here.Want to make sure you catch every episode of the Art of Healing? Click here for my weekly newsletter.Never miss an episode of Art of Healing Podcast…the podcast devoted to helping you heal your mind, body and spirit.Sign up for my weekly newsletter, and never miss an episode along with other great content:Art of Healing PodcastStay in touch socially here:Healing Arts Link in BioLearn more about me and my offerings here:Healing Arts Health and Wellness
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