Prescription Resources

Blink Health

This prescription savings program does require a membership but is free, and once you join you’ll have access to discounts.


This website is a resource for both patients and clinicians. I have used this website primarily as a reference to check for medications that can cause dangerous heart arrhythmias. This website is a great resource to check for medication interactions. There are several useful links through this website as well for more medication resources.

FDA Drug Shortages

Drug Shortages are occurring frequently due to several factors. Here is a direct link to the FDA with updated information.

Good Rx

This is a program I frequently use throughout my day.  This website will help you find the lowest cost on your prescriptions.  In addition to finding a low cost on prescriptions, you’ll be able to have access to coupons.

Women’s International Pharmacy

I frequently use this pharmacy in my practice as well as a resource for information on women’s health issues. This website if friendly for patients to use as well as for practitioners.