Daily Inspiration May 18th 2019

Photograph by Charlyce Davis

Tonight is a full moon, and also a Blue Moon. Today’s Daily Inspiration is to create love for yourself. I recommend taking some time to step out beneath the full moon and observe nature’s beauty. Have a good weekend!


Daily Inspiration May 16th 2019

Forgive Yourself and Forgive Others

Reiki Rays May Calender for May 15th

unsplash-logoJonathan Borba

unsplash-logoJonathan Borba

Forgiveness is a complicated topic. It can be complicated, and take much effort to forgive a person, situation, or yourself.

Today, simply say to yourself “I forgive …”. simply a thought or intention.

Daily Inspiration May 15th 2019

Fewer Excuses and more action for your heart’s desire

This May I decided to challenge myself. I love writing for this blog, so I make a daily effort to use the May Calender from Reiki Ray’s is to tap into your heart’s desire and do what you need to do.

Sometimes seeing fire, or imaging it’s warmth can help you tap into your bravery. Or maybe your fire needs to be stoked? If you find yourself taking lots of shallow breaths, try taking deep breaths into your belly. You might even try holding your hands on your belly and feeling your own internal fire.

I hope you can find your fire today!

Daily Inspiration

Create a self care affirmation for difficult times

unsplash-logosydney Rae

Today’s inspiration from Reiki Rays is to create an affirmation for difficult times. Recently, I’ve been starting my days with a short intention. Sometimes its serious, such as “Today I keep my energetic boundaries strong”, or its short, like “Don’t run late in clinic all day”.

An affirmation can be any phrase, thought, or prayer that helps you. The real power in an affirmation is that it can be used to replace a thought or emotion that drains you.

Here are some affirmations, simply as suggestions, especially if your in a place in your life in which you may not have your own:

“I am enough”

“I Receive and Send Love”

“Love is abundant”

Happy Monday…feel free to share some of your positive affirmations.

Daily Inspiration

Snail in my backyard…photo by Charlyce Davis


Today’s inspiration from Reiki Rays is to slow down…I think this snail has got the idea. Most of have have to rush and move quickly, but maybe today you can enjoy a moment of too of nothing, or even delibrately take a long time to do something that takes a few seconds. Happy Sunday!

Daily Inspiration May 11th, 2019

Tight Schedule? ask Archangels to take care of you…

Photo by Badhon Ebrahim on Unsplash

Today’s inspiration from Reiki Rays is simple…ask for help if your rushed. When I’m feeling pressed for time, and there’s so much going on, I simply scream “HELP!” in my head, works every time. Enjoy! Have a great weekend!


Daily Inspiration May 10th 2019

Today’s inspiration, from the Reiki Calender from May is to think of 5 thinks you appreciate about yourself. Its so nice to take time to see yourself in a positive light.

My 5 things:

  1. I’m Patient
  2. I’m Kind
  3. I’m Empathetic
  4. I’m hopeful
  5. I never ever take myself seriously

Make a quick list of 5 things you like yourself. Happy Friday!

Daily Inspiration May 9th 2019

Caring for Yourself as a Reiki Practitioner

Caring for Yourself as a Reiki Practioner

Self care is important for us all. Practicing self care can be as intricate as performing a Reiki session on yourself, or simply making outdoors to have lunch if its a nice day. Today’s inspiration is to practice Self Care of some kind.

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com