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Self Care During The Pandemic

2020 has been a year that has changed the lives of all of us on the planet. There has been loss beyond measure. Every industry has been impacted. As a practicing physician, this pandemic reminds of the the “never will happen” scenario I was taught about in medical school.

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All that aside, no matter if you contracted the virus, you function as a caretaker of someone who contracted the virus, or you’re simply being a responsible citizen and limiting your activities to home, now, more than ever is the time to step up your self care regimen.

What is Self Care

In my internal medicine practice and with my Reiki clients, I define self care as any action that improves your well being. It need not bee a big action. Getting and extra hour of sleep, taking a walking in the morning, or reaching out to a friend you’ve lost contact with can be a start.

Self Care Ideas

  • Finding a Physician or Health Care Provider If you don’t have one
  • Reviewing your old medical records, especially vaccines.
  • Making a list of your supplements
  • Scheduling a physical, in person or virtually
  • Trying a Healthy Recipe
  • Starting a Meditation Practice (this is my free course)

Why Now

There is so much panic and negativity going on right now. Stress and fear literally weaken your immune system. Now more than ever, you should pursue your self care goals with passion.

What Next?

I invite you to post in the comments one goal, small or big, serious of frivolous that will refer to one way you will deepen your self care. For me, I practice either Yoga or Meditation daily, I walks at lunch for about 20 minutes. Driving home one day, I suddenly missed sitting at a table at restaurant. I stopped at the grocery and realized, I missed seeing fresh flowers on the table. I’m not usually someone who buys fresh flowers. Putting them on my table at home helped return some of the pleasant feeling of socializing when out with friends.

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The Story of my logo and the Future of Healing Arts

My Mother and have been blessed to have visited Hawaii a few times. On our first trip, we visited Maui. We were driving around and exploring when we came across a park with lots of cars parked. We decided to have a look.

We found a hiking trail with no description or signs. We are both Air signs, so naturally, we had to find out what was on the trail. We walked for several minutes when we came across these stones.

We spent several minutes staring at the stones wondering who set this up, why? Would it fall over? I took a picture because I loved how these stones were perfectly balanced. Away we went to enjoy the Hawaii sun.

The past 5 years, this picture always give me peace. If these stones could stay balanced, can’t we all? Although I’ll never know the mystery of who created this and why, this image is in my brain when I think of staying centered, remaining calm, and not letting the outside world toss me off my lava rock.

The future of Healing Arts

I am a practicing physician, working full time in Internal Medicine. I am also a Reiki Practitioner. I have been wanting to create a space I can combine both of these, and share my knowledge and experience to those who want to find their own inner balance.

I am creating courses covering topics in Functional Medicine and Reiki. My first course can be found here Starting Your Own Meditation Practice.

I will also be providing ways to work with me personally. I am offering 30 Minute and 1 Hour Reiki Sessions. Most exciting, I am developing a Functional Medicine Program for those ready to dive deep and find their own path to healing and balance.

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Meditation Quick Start

I am working on creating several courses that I plan to unveil over the next few months. My first course is simply a quick start to meditation. I’ve been telling my patients, my friends, and my colleagues about the benefits of meditation for years. It was easy for me to get started on a regular meditation practice but I started to realize that II’m telling people how to meditate on sending them all over the globe through the internet and creating confusion.

There are many wonderful sources to learn meditation and I certainly don’t have any plans to detract from those. I have created a very simple course which you can find at the link below to help you get started if you want a quick introduction with very little fuss on your own meditation journey. Hopefully you’ll stay in tuned as I plan to unveil many more exciting courses.

Starting Your Own Meditation Course

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Welcome to Healing Arts Health and Wellness

I would like to introduce my new place online, Healing Arts Health and Wellness. I have been dreaming of creating one place in which I could discuss medicine, Reiki, and all things I’m passionate about. Just like everyone else, this year for me has been earth shaking. I will no longer sit on the sidelines hoping for life to get better. I’m turning on my light in my little corner of the world.

Over the next few weeks, I will be releasing courses based on topics that I encounter in my daily practice as a physician. I am also creating courses for one of my favorite topics, Reiki. Reiki at Healing Arts will be self paced, and designed for those who need to train on their own time.

I am also creating a Reiki course for those working in Health Care. I am a practicing physician. Before the public health crisis created by the Coronavirus Pandemic, I was well aware of how those working in hospitals and clinic are at high risk of burn out. I have noticed that many people in Health Care are empaths who have never been given the tools to protect their own energy. I am designing a Reiki Course for these individuals to have a tool to heal themselves.

My site is under constructions, but I will appreciate you following, commenting, and signing up for updates as I move forward.

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My Journey to Reiki/How Reiki Found Me

My experience with Reiki is what lead me to start this blog.  As I’ve been composing my thoughts, and trying to decide what content I should post about Reiki, I forgot I should share my story of how Reiki found me.

I read a beautiful post  at My Journey to Reiki that reminded me that as excited as I am about Reiki, I should remember why I am so passionate about Reiki.

I found Reiki through yoga.  I had started practicing yoga in my home while in medical school.  Due to time and finances, it would be over 10 years before I attended an actual yoga studio.  A very dear friend of mine told me about Yoga Home of Therapeutics  and the owner Sara Alavi.  I went to my first class after a devastating break up.  I was emotionally distraught and suffering from burnout at work .  I attended yoga class with Sara for a few years.  After a wonderful class, she told me she was teaching a Reiki class and I might like it.

Attending yoga at the studio had done so much for me that I didn’t even hesitate to sign up.  After signing up, I forgot to research what Reiki is, and when I arrived for my Reiki 1 attunement, I had no idea what to expect.

My experience during my first attunement was like nothing I had experienced.  Keep in mind, if you decide to take a course in Reiki, everyone’s experience is individual, and every experience is beautiful.  I assumed prior to the attunement that only gifted individuals could see auras, or have empathic abilities.  As I felt the internal changes of the attunement, I didn’t realize that soon I would feel some of the same.

As a physician, I’m used to interacting with people.  I am used to dealing with people when times are good, when they are bad, when they are scary and sad.  I’ve always tried to approach patient care with the “Golden Rule”, do onto others…

After my Reiki 1 attunement, I was so happy to have this tool to heal myself.  I still had a lot of sadness, and my pressure at work was ever increasing.  I felt that Reiki would be a wonderful addition to my self care tool box.

So when I saw my first patients after my first attunement,  I was completely shocked that I was seeing something.  Every patient had a glow.  They were all different, and constantly changing.  I didn’t always see  this with every patient.  My left brain, traditionally trained physician brain sought a rational explanation.

After many exhaustive Google searches (yes, even when I prefer my patients not to consult Dr. Google) I started to understand this glow was the patient’s aura, or subtle body.  I continued to treat myself with Reiki on many days, sometimes just for a few minutes, and as time passed, I became more comfortable with this new sensitivity.

Seeing auras is wonderful, but like with any new tool, I am still learning when to work with this.  I did notice my empathy was increased.  As I saw patients, I could listen to their stories in a much more clear manner.  I could sense their suffering beyond what the labs and x-rays told me.  I could hear better why they came to see me.   Although I had intended for Reiki for my own healing, it was already helping my patients.

My Reiki level 1 and 2 training were wonderful, and for the next year, I wasn’t sure I would pursue more training.   I was very fortunate to discover Kelly Schwegel  as a guest speaker on a podcast.  I scheduled  a healing session with her and eventually became a member of  Kelly’s Inner Wisdom Circle.  Kelly  holds Reiki certifications through the Inner Wisdom circle and I was able to get my attunement for Reiki 3 and Reiki Master.

Some very cool things have happened since I embraced Reiki.  I love that I can sense auras, or that I can tap into my intuition when I’m working with a patient with a difficult diagnosis.  The self healing I have with Reiki is why I hope readers will become attuned to Reiki.  There are so many ways Reiki infuses itself into your life.  Its a wonderful meditation to perform Reiki on yourself as you fall asleep.  Or to send Reiki to a future situation like a family member’s upcoming surgery.  Or to send REiki to yourself in the past during a loss of a loved one.

My hope is that if you are wondering if you should let Reiki find you, you will.  You may go on to be a Reiki Master with a full practice.  Or maybe you Reiki will help you put your baby to sleep at night.  But if you are wondering if you should sign  up for that Reiki class…you should  There is nothing to lose, and love to gain.