My Favorite Night Time Drink

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I discovered Golden Milk like many others through various posts online.  There all kinds of great recipes of this ancient drink and many will advise you on specific ingredients to make your own customized version of this drink.  

Golden Milk is a mixture of Tumeric with various herbs mixed into heated milk.  This is an Ayurvedic remedy used to alleviate a variety of issues, including restlessness, fatigue, joint pain, or digestive issues.

I have started using Gaia Golden Milk at bedtime to prevent nighttime snacking.  I use about 1 teaspoon in 8-10 ounces of heated Almond or Soymilk.  I have tried in in regular Cow’s milk as well, every one of them taste great with this.  

I like to to froth the milk with the frother on my coffee maker to make it extra fancy, and I top with Cinnamon.


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