Mindful Grocery Store Shopping

After being diagnosed with any medical condition, or being told to lose weight, many patients feel overwhelmed. The first question  is what do I eat?

In my previous post, I invite readers to consider a mindful approach with eating.  In this post, I invite you to now approach your trips to the grocery store in the same way, with non-judgmental observation.

Photo by Matheus Cenali on Pexels.com

I have found over the years when advising patients on dietary habits, I can hand out printouts on eating more greens, reducing intake of sugary foods, or stopping soda.  This can be helpful, but once the patient is at the store, juggling a family and watching a budget, this advise can become difficult to follow.

In the last few years, I’ve been taking a “boots on the ground” approach.  Although a patient’s visit with me may be an important episode in their healing journey, the real healing process happens outside of the office.  

If like most of us, you shop for groceries on the weekends.  I invite you to observe your trip to the grocery store. Do you have a certain aisle you go to first?  Do you take a with a list? Do you look for sales?

Finally, at the conclusion of your trip, make observations of what is in your cart  This may be difficult, but please try not to judge what’s in your cart. Simply observe if there is a dominant food type, or if there are any foods you don’t have in your cart.

While doing this, it is so important to not judge your cart, or yourself.  If you find yourself doing this, simply take a breath and let the judgement thought go.


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