DIY Home Yoga Studio

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I first practiced Yoga in my apartment while in Medical School. While studying at a Starbucks within a Barnes and Nobles, I picked up a book about Yoga and bought it.

18 years later, Yoga is now part of my vocabulary and has been one of the most important self care tools I use.

I frequently advise patients on doing poses at home, or even starting Yoga at home. You can start with no equipment at all. Just the floor can work, but having a few simple pieces of equipment can set you up for a fulfilling, healing self care regimen at home.

I encourage beginning Yoga Students to consider starting at a studio with a well trained instructor. This may not be available for many reasons (time constraints, money, location), so equipping yourself at home is a great alternative.

Additionally, your Yoga practice is an individual experience. It is a journey of self discovery, with the ultimate goal of bringing you back to yourself. There are luxuries of being in a Yoga Studio, but being able to access your practice on a regular basis is the most important.

Yoga Supplies for a Home Practice

If you don’t own any of these, and your planning to start practicing at home, the initial investment will pay off for years to come. The above picture are examples from my home practice.

Yoga Blocks

Yoga block have multiple uses during a practice. The term I’ve heard frequently during a class is the blocks can be used to “bring the floor closer” to you hands. They are best used during a pose such as Forward Bending, but help with lunges. There are several types of blocks available, but I recommend foam that are softer and more versatile. You can use Yoga blocks at work for a foot support, or an impromptu lumbar support.

Yoga Blankets

Yoga Blankets have nearly limitless uses in your home practice. They can be a mat alone (although they don’t provide the sticky surface your after). folding 1-2 Yoga Blankets make a great cushion for seated postures. The blankets can be placed under the knees for cushion. They are excellent after for outdoor activities, especially as beach blankets or cover ups in the cold.

Yoga Mats

This is where it gets fun when your shopping. Other than you cute tights, you can go wild with you mat. Some recommendations I have, if your home space is carpeted, you may enjoy a thinner mat. Consider a thicker mat on hard floors. Try to get a sticky mat for extra support. I like colors and patterns. The mat has a special place in your practice. You’ll likely take it with you to classes if you choose to attend one. You’ll find the more you practice Yoga that every time you unroll your mat, a deep sense of calm and centering will enter you. Buy a mat in a color you may have dreamed of decorating your home with.

Yoga Bolster

The Yoga Bolster is optional. 4 Yoga blankets equal one bolster, so consider starting with blankets if you don’t want to spend the money. I purchased round bolsters, but I think the rectangular shapes would be nice. The Yoga Bolster Make a great seat for meditation, knee support during Savasana (or Corpse Pose). The bolster can be used for support in various Yoga poses as well. If you are limited on storage room, consider using Yoga Blankets which can double for other uses.

Blue Tooth Speaker or Headphones

An overlooked aid in a home yoga practice is your sound system. I usually use a Bluetooth speaker since I don’t like to have anything in my ears during my practice. Likely, you’ll either have music, or a class your taking on your phone or tablet. Of course, if your using your television, you won’t need this.

Optional Equipment

I also recommend Yoga Straps, which can assist with any forward bend or leg extension. These aren’t recommended, but they really aid in your home practice.

Most of all, if you’ve committed to starting Yoga, have fun shopping! I had so much fun searching for my equipment. I now have my own little oasis at home.

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