Cancer Screening for Adults

Cancer Screening for Adult Patients

I will be covering the most up-to-date cancer screening guidelines concerning adult patients over the age of 18. please keep in mind that screening guidelines changed frequently. I will do my best to provide the most up-to-date information available but these are subject to change.

Before we get into which cancers we screened for why which she discuss what is screening test means.


What is a Screening Test?

Author: Charlyce Davis

When caring for a patient, a physician must decide if a test is required. This is simple when the patient is having a symptom. The physician will simply use history,…

Knowing your Breast Cancer Risk

Author: Charlyce Davis

Breast cancer risk is assessed by certain factors in you history. Factors you can’t change: Having a parent, sibling, or child with breast cancerStarting your periods at a young age,…

Prostate Cancer Screening

Author: Charlyce Davis

Many years, prostate cancer screening was widely recommended for all men after the age of 40 and performed yearly. This screening could include a digital rectal exam, urinalysis, and blood…

High Risk Colon Cancer

Author: Charlyce Davis

Knowing if you are at high risk of colon cancer means knowing some knowledge of your family history. These factors include: Personal history of polyps detected during flexible sigmoidoscopy or…


Author: Charlyce Davis

If you’re in need of a physician and you live in Oklahoma I am taking patients, find me here ACP Breast Cancer Screening Guidelines American Cancer Breast Cancer Screening Guidelines…