Setting your Intention

With the beginning of every yoga class I like to remind my students to set their intention for class. Maybe it’s a desire to release something that no longer serves, or it is a desire to gain something.  Maybe the intention becomes a way to honor someone or something. It can also be an alignment towards our higher power.

When I perform an intake session with my counseling clients, I will ask the same questions. What is your intention or hope for this session? What do you want to let go of, or gain with this session? How do you want to feel once completed with this session? Or how will you know you have made some progress with this session?

Setting intentions are like setting a goal, or aim, or attitude. It gives us a purpose or a reason for us to pay attention to this exact moment. I would like to believe most of us have goals and goals tend to keep us motivated in life.   Intentions also tend to help keep us focused. Our brains are extremely powerful and tend to overwhelm us at times with thoughts, memories, desires, etc. With intentions we can narrow all of this and become more focused on the here and now, in the present moment.

Deepak Chopra, MD, defines Intentions as being “a starting point and creative power.” Everything begins to happen when we set an intention. He goes on to further explain that an intention “is a directed impulse of consciousness or seed”.  Intentions should come from the heart and should align with your personal values. Intentions are a way to align the heart with the mind by connecting what matters most to you.

The best time to set an intention is during meditation or stillness. Take a deep breath in, let it go with a big sigh. Do this several times while at the same time relaxing your body. Set an intention and then give it to the universe and let go of any anticipation or desired outcome. Let the universe do with it as it will.

Intentions are a wonderful way to begin your day and help keep you grounded.  What is your intention today?


Daily Inspiration for June 3rd, 2019

New Moon Monday

Today’s inspiration is to use the new moon to invite joy into your life. Lunar calendars help us stay in rhythm with nature, and a new moon is a good time to clean out anything we don’t need. I personally plan to spend several houra cleaning out my in box at work. Have a happy Monday!

Joyous Reiki Calender

June’s Reiki Calender is in!

Please share, and hopefully we’ll all feel the joy the June.

License: You may print an unlimited number of copies of the “Reiki ” PDF document. You may use the document in a commercial setting, and you may distribute the document, as long as it remains intact and this license notice is included. You may not modify the document in any way.

Daily Inspiration May 22, 2019

Believe in yourself

The theme of the May calender from Reiki Ray’s is about self care. Self care is serious business. When we’re poor ourselves last we simply won’t be away our best.

I end up discussing this topic a lot while taking care of patients. Unfortunately, most of the diseases I treat are preventable and reversible, including Diabetes, high blood pressure, and obesity. A patient dealing with one of these needs to have a positive outlook on life and themselves in order to heal.

One way I recharge my self belief is to think of my own victories. They may be small, like connecting with a sick patient, or big, like finishing school. Tap into that feeling, not so much the end result, but the feeling on the way to the victory. Maybe that bright place can return to your heart today.

Daily Inspiration

Today’s inspiration from Reiki Rays is to use tapping and Reiki to heal the auric body.

Tapping is a wonderful self treatment that involves tapping on acupuncture points throughout the body. More info on tapping can be found here.

Taking 5 minutes for self care can make your Monday so much better.

Daily Inspiration May 10th 2019

Today’s inspiration, from the Reiki Calender from May is to think of 5 thinks you appreciate about yourself. Its so nice to take time to see yourself in a positive light.

My 5 things:

  1. I’m Patient
  2. I’m Kind
  3. I’m Empathetic
  4. I’m hopeful
  5. I never ever take myself seriously

Make a quick list of 5 things you like yourself. Happy Friday!

Daily Inspiration May 9th 2019

Caring for Yourself as a Reiki Practitioner

Caring for Yourself as a Reiki Practioner

Self care is important for us all. Practicing self care can be as intricate as performing a Reiki session on yourself, or simply making outdoors to have lunch if its a nice day. Today’s inspiration is to practice Self Care of some kind.

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Daily Inspiration May 8th 2019

Chakra Meditation for Self Worth

Reiki Rays has a meditation exercise to do this.

I have been wanting to reference the Reiki Calender for some time. My daily inspiration for Self Worth is simply to take 7 breaths, into 7 parts of your body. Pulling inspiration from Barbara Brennen’s Hands of Light, you can do Color Breathing, which is inhaling the color of each Chakra into each part of the body.

Photo by Charlyce Davis (tatted doily)