Breast Size and Physical Activity

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The above recording is mostly an a brief educational opportunity for physicians and nurses, but it brings up an important topic. Breast size is a real barrier for many women who want to engage in a physical activity, in particulary a team sport, but feel support is so low in typical bras that they are embarrased to move around.

The Bra Queendom falls under the realm of fashion. This is nice for ladies as far as colors, or wanting a certain contour such as more cleavage or minimizing.

I’ve noticed an increase in women asking for consideration for plastic surgery to reduce their breast size. When I examine them, I usually see the problem is a poorly fitted bra.

Signs of a poorly fitting bra include:

  • Pain in the neck an upper back
  • Bra Straps that cut into the shoulders leaving creases
  • Rashes underneath the breast
  • Inability to run (or jump) in a bra meant for being active due to breast pain
  • Needing frequent adjustment throughout the day

Ideally, its best to be fit by a seamstress or professional who is experienced in bra fittings.

It is possible to fit yourself. Here is a nice video that can walk you through the process:

Once you have corrected your size, consider haivng different bras depending on activities. I personally wear a T-back or Razor back for high impact activities. In a sports bra, you want wide straps that distribute the weight of your breast better.

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