The 5 Best Meditation Techniques for Beginners

The 5 Best Meditation Techniques for Beginners Meditation is something that many of us want to do well to gain the benefits associated with the practice. Unfortunately, for many of us, the constant mind chatter can make it frustrating to sit down and meditate for any period. If you are starting out with your meditation […]

3 Physical Benefits of Regular Meditation Practice

As meditation has become more popular in our culture, scientists havebegun to study the many physical benefits that can be gained throughregular practice. Practicing meditation helps to slow down your breath,quiet your mind, and find peace. Along with its numerous mental benefits,practicing meditation on a regular basis can be a useful alternative tomedical treatments for […]

The Integration and Benefits of Reiki

I had the amazing opportunity to meet Bailee BruceCNHP, Owner of Natural Native Wellness. We had the opportunity to discuss the role of Reiki in modern health care. Bailee is an amazing healer, who is offering offerings such as Native Movement, Reiki, and Energy Medicine. Bailee is an amazing healer, and I was absolutely honored […]

The 4 Best Meditation Postures for Beginners

Meditation is meant to bring you clarity and relaxation. Unfortunately, for many beginners of the practice, sitting for long periods can get downright uncomfortable, leading to an ineffective session. While the standard lotus or cross-legged position is the most popular positions used in meditation, some alternative positions are suitable for beginners or anyone who suffers […]

When you need a break

I created this video surprisingly during a very hectic time. I invite you to watch it and take several deep breaths as you do. We have to catch our peaceful moments when we can right?

The Top Mental Health Benefits of Meditation

Over the last several years, more and more people have started practicing meditation as a way to stave off stress and health problems related to stress. When you start practicing meditation on a regular basis, your brain’s physiology changes. This mental shift helps to decrease the harmful effects of stress, mild depression, and anxiety. Here […]


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