About Me

I am an Internal Medicine Physician practicing in Oklahoma.  I have 11 years of practice experience in internal medicine.  I am also a Reiki Master with 3 year of Reiki experience.  I have used  Reiki personally and now am offering it professionally.  This blog will provide information on both Reiki and Internal Medicine.  As I grow professionally and personally,  my approach to the crisis of health care is to seek balance, East/west, North/South, Yin/Yang.

This blog will be a resource for anyone looking for information on traditional western medicine, Reiki as well as an exploration of many healing modalities.

My hope is that as you are visiting, you will find hope and healing.  Any information I post will be from my knowledge base form over 11 years of practice as well as well researched information.

This site is not a replacement for appropriate medical care.  Please seek medical attention, and please continue to follow the recommendations of your physician.