The Power of AWE-A Unique Method for Mindfulness in Ordinary Life with Dr. Michael Amster

In a fast-paced world where burnout and anxiety are all too common, Dr. Michael Amster, co-author of The Power of Awe, introduces a unique mindfulness practice known as the AWE Method. This practice, as explored in our recent podcast episode, is a fascinating approach to reclaiming a sense of wonder in just 21 days. This process can be used as an antidote to the stress and strain of daily life.

A-Attention W-Wait E-Exhale

What is A.W.E?

The AWE Method is a three-step mindfulness practice that invites individuals to experience moments of awe in the ordinary. The practice begins with attention – bringing full, undivided attention to something you value or appreciate. The second step is to wait – simply pausing and being present in the moment. The final step is an exhale, taking a long breath out and experiencing a sense of expansion.

In his book, Dr. Amster walks us through the practice, then shares the latest in research on the benefits of the simple and powerful practice.

Benefits of the A.W.E. Method

Dr. Amster shared some of the many benefits of this simple and power practice. Similar to the practice of meditation, the A.W.E. method can enhance positive psychological states such as generosity and gratitude, but in a much shorter time. Unlike meditation, which may take several minutes, A.W.E. can be done in several seconds.

A fascinating aspect of the AWE Method is the idea of micro-dosing awe. This practice involves accessing small doses of awe that can result in profound shifts in our mindset. The method draws upon the science of awe, exploring how this powerful emotion can heal, connect us, and even assist individuals with attention deficit disorder.

The Emotion of Awe

The emotion of awe is complex and multi-faceted. For the purpose of the AWE Method, it’s divided into three categories: Awe of the senses, Interconnected Awe, and Conceptual Awe. Through these categories, individuals learn to surrender expectations and attachments and embrace the present moment.

The journey to mindfulness can be transformative and awe-inspiring. Whether you’re navigating life’s chaos or seeking relief from burnout and anxiety, the AWE Method provides a unique and effective tool. With this method, you can rediscover the magic of being alive, navigate your awe-inspiring journey with mindfulness, and harness the healing power of awe to find relief and rejuvenation.

In conclusion, the AWE Method provides a unique approach to mindfulness and a powerful tool for combating burnout and anxiety. By harnessing the healing power of awe, individuals can experience profound shifts in their mindset, cultivate a deeper connection with life, and reignite a sense of wonder and appreciation for the magic of being alive.

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