How to Use Sei Hei Ki

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Reiki certification is the process of learning about subtle energy, how to become a channel for Reiki energy, and learning the Reiki symbols.

Let’s start exploring the Reiki Symbols.

The Reiki Symbols

What makes learning Reiki such an inspirational experience is learning the sacred Reiki symbols. When Reiki initially came to the west, the symbols were considered to be sacred and only to be shared between Reiki Master and Reiki student.

You can find the Reiki symbols everywhere now. They are commonly used as decorations, in jewelry, and in spiritual journals.

Even though the symbols are no longer a secret, the general sentiment among Reiki Healers is that the symbols only become sacred to the individual once the Reiki Attunement has occurred.

Reiki symbols are associated with certain levels of Reiki Attunement. Which symbols you learn may depend on the Reiki Master you work with. Most of us learn Cho Ku Rei and Sei Hei Ki during the Reiki I attunement.

During your Reiki training, you will learn how to draw the Reiki symbols as they are drawn in Japanese. This can be intimidating at first, most with practice, it becomes easy to remember how to draw thse symbols.

Meaning of Sei Hei Ki

Sei Hei Ki translates roughly to “Mind and Body are One.” Sei Hei Ki can be used to create energy balance. Cho Ku Rei is known at the “Power Symbol”, and most of it see it as a way activate the flow of Reiki energy. Sei Hei Ki is best used to create balance of energy.

Sei Hei Ki can be combined with the other symbols or used alone. Use your intuition to guide you when you want to use Sei Hei Ki. Here are some ways to help you get started with using Sei Hei ki.

Sei Hei Ki for Clearing Negative Thoughts

Your awareness of your energy increases after you become a Reiki Healer. You will become aware of the content of your thoughts, particularly thoughts that no longer serve you.

Negative thoughts are thought content that are based on negative bias and are often based on ideas and beliefs from your past.

Examples of negative thoughts:

  • Low Self Esteem
  • Limiting Beliefs about what you can accomplish
  • Misperceptions about how other perceive you
  • Self Deprecation

Using Sei Hei Ki can help you release these thoughts. You can do a Reiki Session on yourself using only Sei Hei Ki to release these negative thoughts. You can also do a burning bowl ceremony, in which you write down any negative thoughts on a sheet of paper, then bless the paper using Sei Hei Ki, then use a fire safe container to light the paper on fires. You can use Sei Hei Ki on the smoke as it drifts away to bless and release any negative thoughts.

Guided Reiki Session for Mental and Emotional Healing

Guided Reiki Session

Balance the mind and the emotions. This program includes an downloadable book and audio download to support your daily Reiki Practice.

Sei He Ki for Emotional Centering

5 Things to Know about Mindfulness, a tool that helps calm emotions.

Emotions are what makes us human. The ability to feel joy, sorrow, elation, anger, is what shapes our world. Emotions can be a powerful tool for healing, but emotions can overtake our perspective.

Emotions can become attached to memories, and if the experience was profound, we can find ourselves reliving a memory, re-experiencing the emotion despite the event being over.

Most emotional states last for a brief period of time, around 90 seconds. If you experience an emotion for longer, it can affect your mood negatively. Maintaining a state of awareness of your emotional state is important as a Reiki Healer. Your emotions influence your thoughts, which can manifest in your physical world.

Sei Hei Ki can be used to balance emotions. Using Sei Hei Ki a few minutes helps to calm any emotions as well as to deepen your relationship with Reiki.

Performing a Mental/Emotional Balancing session on yourself allows you to bring yourself back into alignment. Mental and emotional balancing help you throughout your day as well as in your Reiki practice.

Combining Sei Hei Ki with Other Reiki Symbols

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Sei Hei Ki can be combined with other symbols during a healing session.

Sei Hei Ki with Cho Ku Rei

Cho Ku Rei is the “power symbol”. You can add Cho Ku Rei to increase the flow of Reiki. If you or your client is being swept up in a strong emotion, adding Cho Ku Rei increases the strength and speed that Sei Hei Ki can balance the emotions. If you or your client is experiencing waves of grief for example, Sei Hei Ki can help the grief pass peacefully.

Sei Hei Ki with Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen

Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen is the “distance” symbol. Combining Hon Sha ze Sho Nen with Sei Hei Ki lets you send calming, centering energy to another place or another time. This combination works beautifully if you are working with someone having a medical procedure. Sending this combination helps to send balancing energy to the situation. Also sending this combination to the past can help release past emotional traumas, particularly if this is around a situation. This combination is also a way to bring calming energy when working with the inner child.

This combination can also be sent to the future and can be used to remove worry from any situation that has not occurred yet.

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