Blood Pressure and the Autonomic Nervous System

Many factors can affect the blood pressure. High Blood pressure is an unfortunately common condition.

Many times, blood pressure is elevated only temporarily, but many times it is elevated chronically, leading to the disease Essential Hypertension.

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The Autonomic Nervous System controls the blood pressure. The two major components of the Autonomic Nervous System are the Parasympathetic and Sympathetic Nervous System.

Learn about the Autonomic Nervous System in this blog post.

The Sympathetic Nervous System operates during times of stress. The function of the Sympathetic Nervous System is to increase the heart rate, increase circulation to the extremities, and prepare the body to go into survival mode.

What’s raising your blood pressure?

Blood pressure management medical oversight, but it is possible to work with your mind and body to manage blood pressure.

Mindful Approach To Managing Blood Pressure

Ways to Manage Your Blood Pressure with Lifestyle
  • Diet:  My “quick and dirty” nutrition advise to reduce blood pressure.
  • Sleep: getting enough, improving the quality of sleep
  • Exercise:  How to keep it simple to get moving
  • Relationships: Really? yes, learn to observe how you show up in your relationships.

Putting It All Together

Blood pressure is a great way to understand traditional medicine and energy medicine together. The interplay of the mind and body controls the blood pressure and is not necessarily under the control of the conscious mind.

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