Using Reiki for Chronic Pain

When you are living with chronic pain, it’s important to learn about safe and accessible healing modalities you can use to help heal chronic pain. Living with chronic pain taxing on the mind, body, and spirit. Chronic pain leads to worsening depression, and loss of quality of life.

Chronic pain is medically defined as “construed as a “disease” that serves no useful purpose. Although there is no clear threshold at which acute pain transitions to a chronic state, it is generally accepted that pain persisting beyond the expected healing period is pathologic.1

People living with chronic pain need multiple options for healing. One safe option is the use of Reiki to help cope with chronic pain. And this article will explore 3 ways that Rhee key can help soothe the suffering of chronic pain.

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Types of Chronic Pain

Understanding the different types of chronic pain is the first step to alleviating the pain.

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Completing the Gaps in Chronic Pain Treatment

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Holistic Treatments for Chronic Pain

Dealing with chronic pain should occur with a holistic approach. Check out some ideas here

Holistic Treatment for Chronic Pain

Reiki can be done as a self treatment. Anyone can become a Reiki practitioner. When you have chronic pain, it may seem that starting any type of course is simply too difficult.

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Reiki 101

Learning the healing art of Reiki can help you feel better immediately. During your Reiki course, you learn about your anatomy, physiology, and your subtle body. You also learn breathing techniques that help with relaxation.

Preparing for Your Session

There are challenges in using Reiki to deal with chronic pain. One of the biggest is maintaining comfort levels during the session. If you are considering receiving Reiki with a professional, make sure to let them know what your current limitations are.

Distance Reiki sessions may meet your needs, allowing you to receive a session of Reiki in the comfort of your own home.

Learn about Distance Reiki

This is a very viable way to get Reiki and that you can make yourself comfortable at home. Often rides my own clients to consider lying down in bed and covering up with blankets during their session. Additionally, if you have opted to receive a distance session in your home consider recreating the environment your Reiki practitioner would have. You may want to set up a diffuser with essential oils. It may be nice to dim the lights as well. most of all, assure that you’re in a comfortable position that you can hold for an hour. I often advise my Reiki class to support their needs with the pillow to elevate the legs. This allows the back to relax. you may also want to gently support the back of your neck and head to keep your spine aligned.

Stress Relief

Most individuals feel a decline in stress at the very beginning of a Reiki session. The basic core of Reiki involves manipulation of energy. This has to be done by slowing down the mind and the breath. I found that even when I’m practicing on individuals that are very uncomfortable physically, the fact that I am in a mindful State helps the client. The Reiki practitioners’ calm state changes the environment completely, and allows for the recipient to relax. This is the initiation of lowering pain levels. 

Stress, both acute and chronic, always worsens pain. Chronic stress in particular lower our threshold for pain and increases pain sensitivity. Receiving a Reiki session is relaxing in a similar fashion as a massage.

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Delivery of Healing Energy

Reiki channels healing energy to where it’s needed most. This can be directly to the site that is hurting, but most people don’t realize that their chronic pain is usually affecting multiple sites. Many times in traditional medicine we have to focus our therapies to one site of chronic pain but it’s nice to address all of these in a full Reiki session.

One example of this is degenerative disc disease that leads to lumbar radiculopathy. This creates chronic low back pain as well as pain in one or both legs and feet. When I’m treating my patients in the clinic with chronic low back pain most of my therapies are aimed at relieving the pain in the back. There are things I can do to help with the radiculopathy, or pain that radiates down the legs but we primarily have to focus on pain in the lower back.

The energy healing of Reiki can be used directly on the lower back and someone with lumbar disc degeneration. It could also be applied to the legs and feet which are often affected in this type of pain. I’m always fascinated when I’m treating a client this way how they register their pain relief. Because the energy flowing and Reiki is self guided and will go where it’s needed the most often clients report feeling warmth and heat in other parts of their body that I’m not directly treating.

Self Awareness

When you live in chronic pain, it consumes your conscious thought. You may spend time either living in the pain, looking for pain relief, or recovering from treatments. . The fundamental nature of Reiki treatment is to allow the body to heal itself. Someone that is open to receiving Reiki is often open to other healing modalities as well as what’s to really leading to the cause of their pain.

Reiki creates a calm and peaceful environment that allows you space to open your mind and your awareness. During a Reiki session, you may receive insights that help you find your own solutions to chronic pain.

If you are living with chronic pain, you deserve peace, rest and relief. Adding Reiki to your toolbox is a safe way to get relief.

Reiki can be combine with other healing modalities.


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