Finding  Inner Balance

Reiki heals the body on mental, spiritual, emotional and physical levels.  Reiki energy is believed to heal by restoring balance and allowing for the body to heal itself. Disease starts when there is imbalance of one factor or another.  Obesity comes from too many calories in and not enough being released as energy.  Chronic Inflammation comes from an immune system that over-reacts, while low immunity comes form an underactive immune system.  Our bodies know how to restore balance naturally.  The challenge is the body must overcome constant assault from the outside world and the constant noise of the mind.

My Mother and have been blessed to have visited Hawaii a few times.  On our first trip, we visited Maui.  While driving some of the scenic routes, we discovered a hidden hiking trail we decided to explore.

After walking for several minutes on this beautiful trail, we discovered a set of pebbles arranged as a statue.  It was off to the side of the trail,  and on close inspection, there were no tools holding the pebbles in place.  There were perfectly balanced, sitting on the lava rock and completely steady.

We spent several  minutes staring at the stones wondering who set this up and why?  Would it fall over?   How did this unexpected piece of art survive the elements?  I took a picture because I loved how these stones were perfectly balanced.  Away we went to enjoy the Hawaii sun.

Several years later, this picture always give me peace.  If these stones could stay balanced, can’t we all?  Although I’ll never know the mystery of who created this and why, this image is in my brain when I think of staying centered, remaining calm, and not letting the outside world toss me off my lava rock.

Finding Balance Through Self Improvement

My wish is for every individual to find balance.  I wish that every individual will learn the inner workings of their own bodies, and learn to love they miracle of creation that they are.  

There are a number of resources you can find on this website in your journey to find balance.

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Published by Charlyce Davis

I am an Internal Medicine physician with 10 years of practice experience. I have become a student of Reiki and I have also studied yoga.

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