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The Story of my logo and the Future of Healing Arts

My Mother and have been blessed to have visited Hawaii a few times. On our first trip, we visited Maui. We were driving around and exploring when we came across a park with lots of cars parked. We decided to have a look.

We found a hiking trail with no description or signs. We are both Air signs, so naturally, we had to find out what was on the trail. We walked for several minutes when we came across these stones.

We spent several minutes staring at the stones wondering who set this up, why? Would it fall over? I took a picture because I loved how these stones were perfectly balanced. Away we went to enjoy the Hawaii sun.

The past 5 years, this picture always give me peace. If these stones could stay balanced, can’t we all? Although I’ll never know the mystery of who created this and why, this image is in my brain when I think of staying centered, remaining calm, and not letting the outside world toss me off my lava rock.

The future of Healing Arts

I am a practicing physician, working full time in Internal Medicine. I am also a Reiki Practitioner. I have been wanting to create a space I can combine both of these, and share my knowledge and experience to those who want to find their own inner balance.

I am creating courses covering topics in Functional Medicine and Reiki. My first course can be found here Starting Your Own Meditation Practice.

I will also be providing ways to work with me personally. I am offering 30 Minute and 1 Hour Reiki Sessions. Most exciting, I am developing a Functional Medicine Program for those ready to dive deep and find their own path to healing and balance.

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