Welcome to Healing Arts Health and Wellness

I would like to introduce my new place online, Healing Arts Health and Wellness. I have been dreaming of creating one place in which I could discuss medicine, Reiki, and all things I’m passionate about. Just like everyone else, this year for me has been earth shaking. I will no longer sit on the sidelines hoping for life to get better. I’m turning on my light in my little corner of the world.

Over the next few weeks, I will be releasing courses based on topics that I encounter in my daily practice as a physician. I am also creating courses for one of my favorite topics, Reiki. Reiki at Healing Arts will be self paced, and designed for those who need to train on their own time.

I am also creating a Reiki course for those working in Health Care. I am a practicing physician. Before the public health crisis created by the Coronavirus Pandemic, I was well aware of how those working in hospitals and clinic are at high risk of burn out. I have noticed that many people in Health Care are empaths who have never been given the tools to protect their own energy. I am designing a Reiki Course for these individuals to have a tool to heal themselves.

My site is under constructions, but I will appreciate you following, commenting, and signing up for updates as I move forward.

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