Channeling and Reiki

In my previous post, I discussed the energy of Reiki.  I plan to get deeper into that later on, but its important to discuss channeling as this topic is likely to make most people considering Reiki for the first time uncomfortable.

I covered the various nature of energy.  Reiki is energy at a healing frequency.  We as humans require energy to be channeled.  Although we are surrounded by energy, its most efficient when its gathered, focused, and aimed in a direction.

One example of this, of course, is sound energy.  When you are using your cell phone, you can put the cell phone up to your ear.  The sound quality doing this is good.  You can also use your speaker.  The speaker will deliver sound, but it may be hard to hear very clearly if there is a lot of background noise.  The best sound quality is using your headphones.  The headphones focus the sound energy, block out outside noise, and therefore deliver the highest quality sound making your conversation easier.

The role of the Reiki practioner is to focus and deliver channeling energy.  The Reiki practioner operates best as a speaker, or focuser of this healing energy.  The very nature of Reiki does allow for the practioner to receive some of the healing energy (I like to think of this as a spill over) while aiming this energy for the best effect.

Anyone that is into metaphysics already may have concerns about this energy being able to do something other than healing.  The nature of the Reiki practioner as well as Reiki energy does not allow for any transmission of energy that does not lead to healing and only serves the highest good of the person receiving Reiki.

In healthcare, we already use enery delivery to treat disease.  On the other end of the spectrum, radiation treatment used in cancer care also requires something to focus high energy into an area of the body.  However,  this energy is used specifically to shrink cancer (this is only a comparison, not to be taken that Reiki can replace current treatment, please follow your physicians treatment plans as always).

Thanks again for visiting, and I will continue to dive deeper into this topic in later post.

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I am an Internal Medicine physician with 10 years of practice experience. I have become a student of Reiki and I have also studied yoga.

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