Introduction to Reiki

I plan to cover many topics but this post I’d like to delve into Reiki.

I first learned about Reiki from Sara Alavi at Yoga Home of Therapeutics .  Sara has taught me so much over the years and I’m so grateful to her.

I initially knew very little of Reiki.  I had taken an interest in Yoga and eventually completed my 200 hour certification to be a Yoga Instructor.  It was through yoga that I had my first experience with awareness of energy in the human body and how it could effect the physical body.

The fundamental purpose of Reiki is to channel high frequency energy into the body to encourage the body to heal itself.

Here is a link for a history of Reiki:

Reiki is channeled energy.   We are surrounded by energy.  The simplest example is heat energy from the sun, which we feel on our skin.  Another form of energy is infrared energy, which is used in remotes and many home devices, exists at a freqency that we can’t see or feel, but we do see the effects:

from NASA at

  X-ray energy, used in radiology to take x-rays and at airports to look into bags, exists at an even higher frequency.  We don’t see these wavelengths as our eyes are not tuned to operate at those frequencies.

from NASA at

We can see Visible Light,  which is a very small part of the energy spectrum.  Here is an example from NASA:

Energy can often be seen, such as the energy in the visible light spectrum, but as most of us are aware, our human sense do not typically allow us to feel energy that moves at a higher or lower frequency but we do see the effects.  The higher the frequency of the energy, the higher its ability to penetrate solid matter is.  You’ll notice on each graphic the height of the energy wave corresponds to a physical object, such as a hair, an atom, or a soap bubble.

Reiki is believed to channel energy that exists at a high frequency.  Now that we’ve covered how energy is the nature of Reiki, in future post, I’d like to delve into what it means to channel Reiki and how fundamentally this is how Reiki leads to body healing itself.

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I am an Internal Medicine physician with 10 years of practice experience. I have become a student of Reiki and I have also studied yoga.

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